b'Mystery television programsReligious drama Mystery filmsTheater Dewey: 791.43Narrower Term(s):Passion plays Scope Note: Use for individual works,Related Term(s): Morality plays collections, or materials aboutmystery and detective films.Mystery and detective comics Use For: Crime films; Detective and mysteryUse: Mystery comic books, strips, etc. films; Murder mysteries; Mysteries;Mystery and detective films; PrivateMystery and detective films eye stories; Suspense films;Use: Mystery films WhodunitsMystery and detective plays See Also: particular kinds of detective andDewey: 808.82 mystery films, e.g. SherlockScope Note: Use for individual works, Holmes films [to be added ascollections, or materials about needed]mystery and detective dramas. Broader Term(s): Motion picturesUse For: Crime plays; Detective and mystery Narrower Term(s):Sherlock Holmes filmsplays; Murder mysteries; Mysteries; Related Term(s): Film noirMystery plays; Private eye stories; Gangster filmsWhodunits Spy filmsBroader Term(s): Drama Mystery graphic novelsMystery and detective radio programs Dewey: 741.5Use: Mystery radio programs Scope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials aboutMystery and detective stories mystery graphic novels.Use: Mystery fiction Broader Term(s): Graphic novelsMystery and detective television programs Mystery playsUse: Mystery television programs Use: Mysteries and miracle playsMystery and detective playsMystery comic books, strips, etc.Dewey: 741.5 Mystery radio programsScope Note: Use for individual works, Dewey: 791.44collections, or materials about Scope Note: Use for individual works,mystery and detective comics. collections, or materials aboutUse For: Crime comics; Detective and mystery and detective radiomystery comic books, strips, etc.; programs.Detective comics; Mystery and Use For: Crime programs; Detective anddetective comics mystery radio programs; MurderBroader Term(s): Comic books, strips, etc. mysteries; Mysteries; Mystery anddetective radio programs; PrivateMystery fiction eye stories; Suspense programs;Dewey: 808.3; 808.83 WhodunitsScope Note: Use for individual works, Broader Term(s): Radio programscollections, or materials aboutmystery fiction. Mystery storiesUse For: Crime stories; Detective and Use: Mystery fictionmystery stories; Detective fiction; Mystery television programsDetective stories; Murder mysteries; Dewey: 791.45Mysteries; Mystery and detective Scope Note: Use for individual works,stories; Mystery stories; Private eye collections, or materials aboutstories; Suspense novels; Whodunits mystery and detective televisionBroader Term(s): Fiction programs.Narrower Term(s):Cozy mystery stories Use For: Crime programs; Detective andEdgar Allan Poe Awards mystery television programs;Related Term(s): Ghost stories Murder mysteries; Mysteries;Horror fiction Mystery and detective televisionRomantic suspense novelsSpy stories665'