b'Sears List of Subject Headingsprograms; Private eye stories; mythology, e.g. Fire in mythology;Suspense programs; Whodunits and names of individual gods andBroader Term(s): Television programs goddesses, e.g. Vesta (RomanRelated Term(s): Spy television programs deity) [to be added as needed]Mystical theology Narrower Term(s):African mythologyUse: Mysticism Art and mythologyCeltic mythologyMysticism Chinese mythologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Classical mythologyDewey: 204; 248.2 Egyptian mythologyScope Note: May be subdivided by religion or Fire in mythologysect. Geographical mythsUse For: Dark night of the soul; Mystical Legendary characterstheology MonstersBroader Term(s): Spiritual life Mythical animalsNarrower Term(s):Cabala Norse mythologyTheosophy SymbolismTotems and totemismMysticismComparative studies Related Term(s): FolkloreDewey: 204; 248.2 Gods and goddessesMysticismIslam Heroes and heroinesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically LegendsDewey: 297.4 ReligionUse For: Islamic mysticism Mythology in artBroader Term(s): Islam Use: Art and mythologyNarrower Term(s):SufismMythology, CelticMysticismJudaism Use: Celtic mythologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 296.8 Mythology, ClassicalUse For: Jewish mysticism Use: Classical mythologyBroader Term(s): Judaism Mythology, GreekNarrower Term(s):Golem Use: Greek mythologyMythical animals Mythology, RomanDewey: 398.24 Use: Roman mythologyUse For: Animal lore; Animals, Mythical;Imaginary animals; Imaginary Mythscreatures Use: MythologySee Also: types of mythical animals [to beadded as needed] MtisBroader Term(s): Mythology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Dragons Dewey: 971.004Griffins Scope Note: Use for material on Canadian ofMermaids and mermen mixed First Nations and whitePhoenix (Mythical bird) ancestry. May be subdivided likeSasquatch First Nations.Unicorns Broader Term(s): Native peoplesCanadaYeti Mtis Rebellion 1869-1870Related Term(s): AnimalsFolklore Use: Red River Rebellion, 1869-1870CryptozoologyMythology Mtis Rebellion, 1885Dewey: 201; 398.2 Use: Riel Rebellion, 1885Use For: MythsSee Also: mythology of ancient peoples, e.g.Celtic mythology; themes in666'