b'Narcotic addictsN Use For: Folding of napkinsBroader Term(s): Table setting and decorationNaive art Napoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor of the French) Use: Outsider art DramaName Dewey: 808.82Use names of countries, cities, etc., individual persons, Napoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor of the French) deities, corporate bodies, ethnic groups, wars, etc., Fictionwith the subdivision Name, for materials on the Dewey: 808.83names origin, history, validity, etc. [to be added as Broader Term(s): Fictionneeded]Names Napoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor of the French) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically In artDewey: 929.9 Dewey: 704.9Use For: Epithets; Proper names Use For: Napoleon in artSee Also: types of names, e.g. Geographic Broader Term(s): ArtThemesnames; types of objects, domestic Napoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor of the French) animals, events, organization, and In literatureinstitutions with the subdivision Dewey: 809Names, for materials on the naming Use For: Napoleon in fiction, drama, poetry,of those items, e.g. PetsNames; etc.and names of countries, cities, etc., Broader Term(s): LiteratureThemesindividual persons, dieties, corporatebodies, ethnic groups, wars, etc., Napoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor of the French) with the subdivision Name, for Poetrymaterials on the names origin, Dewey: 808.81history, validity, etc. [to be added as Broader Term(s): Poetryneeded]Narrower Term(s):Code names Napoleon in artGeographic names Use: Napoleon I, 1769-1821 (EmperorNative American names of the French)In artPersonal names Napoleon in fiction, drama, poetry, etc.Pseudonyms Use: Napoleon I, 1769-1821 (EmperorTerms and phrases of the French)In literatureNamesPronunciation Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815Dewey: 421 Dewey: 940.2Names, Geographical Broader Term(s): EuropeHistory1789-1815Use: Geographic names FranceHistory1799-1815Names, Personal NarcissismUse: Personal names Dewey: 616.85Broader Term(s): NeurosesNannies Personality disordersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 649 Narcotic abuseUse For: Nursemaids Use: Drug abuseBroader Term(s): Child care Narcotic addictionNanotechnology Use: Drug abuseGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narcotic addiction counselingDewey: 620 Use: Drug abuse counselingUse For: Molecular technologyBroader Term(s): Technology Narcotic addictsNapkin folding Use: Drug addictsDewey: 642667'