b'National librariesNational defenses National health serviceUse: Industrial mobilization Use: National health insuranceMilitary readiness State medicineNational emblems National heritageGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Cultural propertyDewey: 929.9 National Hockey LeagueUse For: Emblems; National symbolsSee Also: types of national emblems and Dewey: 796.96206national symbols, e.g. Flags [to be Use For: NHLadded as needed] Broader Term(s): HockeyCanadaBroader Term(s): Signs and symbols National holidaysRelated Term(s): Flags Use: HolidaysHeraldryInsignia National hymnsMottoes Use: National songsSeals (Numismatics) National imagesState emblemsUse: National characteristicsNational emblemsCanada National interestDewey: 929.9See Also: types of national emblems and Use: Public interestsymbols, e.g. FlagsCanada; and National landmarksnames of specific emblems, e.g. Use: National monumentsBeaver (Emblem) [to be added asneeded] National languagesNarrower Term(s):Beaver (Emblem) Use: Language and languages Maple leaf (Emblem) Government policyRelated Term(s): FlagsCanada National liberation movementsProvincial emblemsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNational Football League Dewey: 320.5Dewey: 796.332 Scope Note: Use for materials on minority orUse For: NFL other groups in armed rebellionBroader Term(s): Football against a colonial government oragainst a national governmentNational forests charged with corruption or foreignUse: Forest reserves domination, usually in the periodNational Guard (U.S.) since World War II.Use: United StatesNational Guard Use For: Liberation movements, NationalSee Also: names of individual liberationNational health insurance movements [to be added as needed]Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): NationalismDewey: 368.4 RevolutionsUse For: Government health insurance; Narrower Term(s):GuerrillasMedical insurance, National; National librariesNational health service; Socialized Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallymedicine Dewey: 027.5Broader Term(s): Health insurance Scope Note: Use for materials on librariesNarrower Term(s):Medicaid maintained by government fundsMedicare that serve a country as a whole,Related Term(s): State medicine particularly in collecting andNational health insuranceCanada preserving that countrysDewey: 368.4 publications.Use For: Medicare (Canada) Use For: Libraries, NationalBroader Term(s): Health insuranceCanada See Also: names of individual nationallibraries [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Government libraries669'