b'Sears List of Subject Headings Amusements; Native Americans Native peoplesCanada Customs Dewey: 305.897; 971.004Broader Term(s): Manners and customs Use For: Aboriginal peoplesCanada;Narrower Term(s):Native American games CanadaNative peoples;Powwows Canadian native peoples;Indigenous populationCanadaNative AmericansSouth America Broader Term(s): CanadiansDewey: 980 Narrower Term(s):InuitCanadaUse For: Indians of South America MtisNarrower Term(s):Incas Native plantsNative AmericansSouthwestern States Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 979 Dewey: 581.6Narrower Term(s):Cliff dwellers and cliff dwellings Use For: Indigenous plantsNavajo Indians Broader Term(s): PlantsNative AmericansTribal government NativesUse: Native AmericansPolitics and Use: Indigenous peoplesgovernment Nativity of Jesus ChristNative AmericansUnited States Use: Jesus ChristNativityDewey: 973.04 NATOUse For: Indians of North America Use: North Atlantic TreatyNative AmericansWars OrganizationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Natural beauty conservationDewey: 970.004 Use: Landscape protectionUse For: Indians of North AmericaWarsBroader Term(s): Native AmericansHistory Natural childbirthNarrower Term(s):Black Hawk War, 1832 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyKing Philips War, 1675-1676 Dewey: 618.4Pontiacs Conspiracy, 1763-1765 Use For: Lamaze method of childbirthUnited StatesHistoryBroader Term(s): Childbirth1689-1697, King Williams War Narrower Term(s):MidwivesUnited StatesHistory 1755-1763, French and Indian Natural cyclesWar Use: CyclesNative AmericansWest Indies Natural disastersDewey: 972.9004 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Indians of the West Indies Dewey: 904See Also: types of natural disasters [to beNative AmericansWomen added as needed]Use: Native American women Broader Term(s): DisastersNative Canadians Narrower Term(s):EarthquakesUse: Native AmericansCanada Environmental degradationFloodsNative Crisis, Quebec, 1990 LandslidesUse: Quebec (Province)HistoryStorms1990, Native Crisis TsunamisNative land claimsCanada Natural disastersCanadaUse headings for native peoples with the subdivision Dewey: 971Claims, e.g. First NationsClaims [to be added Natural disastersUnited Statesas needed] Dewey: 973Native peoples Natural food cookingUse: Indigenous peoples Use: CookingNatural foods676'