b'Navigation (Astronautics)Naval engineering Use For: Military power; Navy; Sea lifeUse: Marine engineering See Also: names of countries with the subheadNaval history Navy, e.g. United States. Navy [toDewey: 359.009 be added as needed]Use For: Wars Broader Term(s): Armed forcesSee Also: names of countries with the subhead Military personnelNavy or the subdivision Naval Narrower Term(s):Admiralshistory [to be added as needed] SailorsBroader Term(s): History United States. NavyNarrower Term(s):Pirates Related Term(s): Naval art and sciencePrivateering Sea powerUnited StatesNaval history WarshipsRelated Term(s): Military history NavigationNaval battles Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySea power Dewey: 623.89; 629.04Naval law Use For: Pilots and pilotage; SeamanshipUse: Maritime law Broader Term(s): LocomotionNarrower Term(s):CompassNaval offenses Global Positioning SystemUse: Military offenses HarborsNaval operations Inland navigationUse names of wars with the subdivision Naval Knots and splicesoperations, e.g. World War, 1939-1945Naval Lighthousesoperations [to be added as needed] LoranNautical almanacsNaval pensions Nautical chartsUse: Military pensions Ocean currentsPilot guidesNaval personnel RadarUse: Sailors ShipwrecksNaval power Signals and signalingUse: Sea power Steam navigationWindsNaval schools Related Term(s): Direction senseUse: Naval education Nautical astronomyNaval art and scienceNaval science SailingUse: Naval art and science Ship pilotsNaval shipyards Navigation (Aeronautics)Use: Navy yards and naval stations Dewey: 629.132Naval signaling Use For: Aerial navigation; Aeronautics Navigation; Air navigationUse: Signals and signaling Broader Term(s): AeronauticsNaval strategy Narrower Term(s):AirplanesPilotingUse: Strategy Radio in aeronauticsNaval uniforms Navigation (Astronautics)Use: Military uniforms Dewey: 629.45Use For: Astronavigation; Space navigationNaval warfare Broader Term(s): AstrodynamicsUse: Naval art and science AstronauticsNaval battles Narrower Term(s):Astronautical instrumentsSubmarine warfare Radio in astronauticsNavies Space vehiclesPilotingRelated Term(s): Space flightDewey: 359.3681'