b'ActorsUse For: Acid precipitation Act of Union, 1841Broader Term(s): Rain Use: Canada. Union Act (1841)Water pollution ActingAcids Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 546; 661 Dewey: 791.43; 792.02See Also: types of acids [to be added as Scope Note: Use for materials on the art andneeded] technique of acting in any mediumBroader Term(s): Chemicals (stage, television, etc.) and on actingChemistry as a profession. Materials limited toNarrower Term(s):Carbolic acid the presentation of plays are enteredunder Amateur theater or TheaterAcneProduction and direction.Dewey: 616.5 Use For: Dramatic art; StageUse For: Blackheads (Acne); Pimples (Acne) Broader Term(s): DramaBroader Term(s): SkinDiseases Public speakingNarrower Term(s):Commedia dellarteACOAs Improvisation (Acting)Use: Adult children of alcoholics MimeAcoustics PageantsUse: Architectural acoustics PantomimesHearing Related Term(s): ActorsMusicAcoustics and physics Amateur theaterSound Drama in educationTheaterAcquaintance rape ActingCostumeUse: Date rape Use: CostumeAcquired immune deficiency syndrome Actions and defensesUse: AIDS (Disease) Use: LitigationAcquisition of language ActivistsUse: Language acquisition Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAcquisitions (Libraries) Dewey: 322.4; 361.2Use: LibrariesAcquisitions Broader Term(s): PersonsNarrower Term(s):EnvironmentalistsAcquisitions, CorporateUse: Corporate mergers and Activities curriculumacquisitions Use: Creative activitiesAcrobats and acrobatics Activity schoolsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: EducationExperimentalDewey: 791.3; 796.47 methodsSee Also: types of acrobatic activities, e.g. ActorsTumbling [to be added as needed] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Circus Dewey: 791.43; 792.02; 920Narrower Term(s):Tumbling Scope Note: Use for materials on several personsRelated Term(s): Gymnastics of the acting profession, whetherAcronyms male or female. Materials on severalDewey: 411 female actors that emphasize theirUse For: English languageAcronyms; identity as women are entered underInitialisms Actresses. Materials on severalBroader Term(s): Abbreviations male actors that emphasize theirCode names identity as men are entered underMale actors.Acrylic painting Use For: Actors and actresses; Motion pictureDewey: 751.42 actors and actresses; TelevisionBroader Term(s): Painting actors7'