b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNavigationLaw and legislation Near-death experiencesUse: Maritime law Dewey: 133.9; 155.9Navigation charts Scope Note: Use for materials on the paranormalexperiences of those who haveUse: Nautical charts survived near death or apparentNavigation maps death.Use: Nautical charts Broader Term(s): DeathRelated Term(s): ParapsychologyNavigators Near-Earth objectsUse: ExplorersSailors Dewey: 523.2Use For: NEOs (Near-Earth objects)Navy Broader Term(s): Solar systemUse: Naval art and science NeatnessNaviesSea power Use: CleanlinessOrderlinessNavy Sealab project Nebula AwardUse: Sealab projectDewey: 808.3Navy yards and naval stations Broader Term(s): Literary prizesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Science fictionDewey: 359.7 Nebulae, ExtragalacticUse For: Naval bases; Naval shipyardsBroader Term(s): Naval art and science Use: GalaxiesNazi persecution NecrologiesUse religious groups and classes of persons with the Use: Obituariessubdivision Nazi persecution, e.g. People with NecromancydisabilitiesNazi persecution [to be added as Use: Divinationneeded] MagicNazi persecution of people with disabilities NeedlepointUse: People with disabilitiesNazi Dewey: 746.44persecution Use For: Canvas embroideryNazis Broader Term(s): EmbroideryUse: National socialists NeedleworkNazism NeedleworkUse: National socialism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 746.4NBA See Also: types of needlework [to be added asUse: National Basketball Association needed]Broader Term(s): Decoration and ornamentNBA Finals (Basketball) Decorative artsDewey: 796.323 Narrower Term(s):AppliquéBroader Term(s): Basketball CrochetingSports tournaments Drawn workNDP EmbroideryUse: New Democratic Party Hardanger needleworkKnittingNeanderthals Lace and lace makingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically NeedlepointDewey: 569.986 PatchworkBroader Term(s): Fossil hominids QuiltingSamplersNear East SmockingUse: Middle East TapestryRelated Term(s): Dressmaking682'