b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNervous exhaustion NetherlandsHistory1940-1945, GermanUse: Neurasthenia occupationNervous prostration Dewey: 949.207Use: Neurasthenia Use For: German occupation of Netherlands,1940-1945Nervous system Network theoryDewey: 611; 612.8 Use: System analysisUse For: NeurologyBroader Term(s): Anatomy Networks (Associations, institutions, etc.)Physiology Use: AssociationsNarrower Term(s):Abnormal psychologyBrain Networks, ComputerNerves Use: Computer networksPsychophysiology Networks, InformationNervous systemDiseases Use: Information networksDewey: 616.8 NeurastheniaUse For: NervesDiseases; Dewey: 616.85Neuropathology Use For: Nervous breakdown; NervousBroader Term(s): Diseases exhaustion; Nervous prostrationNarrower Term(s):Communicative disorders Broader Term(s): Mental illnessEpilepsyMovement disorders Neurological sciencesParalysis Use: NeurosciencesSenile dementiaNeurologyNessie (Monster) Use: Nervous systemUse: Loch Ness monsterNeuropathologyNest building Use: Nervous systemDiseasesDewey: 591.56Use For: Building nests; Nesting (Animal Neurosciencesbehavior); Nesting behavior Dewey: 612.8See Also: types of animals and individual Use For: Neurological sciencesspecies on animals with the Broader Term(s): Medicinesubdivision Nests, e.g. BirdsNeurosesNests [to be added as needed] Dewey: 616.85Broader Term(s): Animal behavior Broader Term(s): Abnormal psychologyAnimalsHabitations Narrower Term(s):AnxietyNesting (Animal behavior) Depression (Psychology)Use: Nest building NarcissismObsessive-compulsive disorderNesting behavior Panic disordersUse: Nest building PhobiasNests Post-traumatic stress disorderUse types of animals and individual species of animals Neurotic childrenwith the subdivision Nests, e.g. BirdsNests [to be Use: Emotionally disturbed childrenadded as needed]NeutralityNetherlands Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 949.2 Dewey: 327.1; 341.6Scope Note: May be subdivided like United Use For: NonalignmentStates except for History. Broader Term(s): International lawUse For: Holland International relationsNetherlandsHistory International securityDewey: 949.2 Related Term(s): Intervention (International law)Isolationism684'