b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNew England Newbery MedalDewey: 974 Dewey: 028.5Broader Term(s): United States Use For: Newbery Award; Newbery PrizeNew France booksBroader Term(s): Childrens literatureUse: CanadaHistory0-1763 Literary prizes(New France)Mississippi River ValleyNewbery Prize booksHistory Use: Newbery MedalNew nations NewfoundlandUse: New states Dewey: 917.18; 971.8New Negro Movement Scope Note: Use for materials on the island ofNewfoundland and its mainlandUse: Harlem Renaissance portion, Labrador. Materials on onlyNew product development the mainland portion are enteredUse: New products under Labrador (Nfld.). May besubdivided like Manitoba exceptNew products for History.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 658.5 NewfoundlandHistoryUse For: New product development; Product Dewey: 971.8development NewfoundlandHistory0-1855Broader Term(s): Commercial products Dewey: 971.8Industrial research Use For: NewfoundlandHistory Marketing 1763-1855New states NewfoundlandHistory1763-1855Dewey: 321 Use: NewfoundlandHistory Use For: New countries; New nations; States, 0-1855NewBroader Term(s): Developing countries NewfoundlandHistory1855-1934New Testament Dewey: 971.8Use: Bible. New Testament NewfoundlandHistory1934-1949New words Dewey: 971.8Dewey: 417 NewfoundlandHistory1949-Use For: Coinage of words; Words, New Dewey: 971.8Broader Term(s): Vocabulary Scope Note: Use for materials on the history ofNew Year Newfoundland since 1949,Dewey: 394.2614 including materials on the effect ofBroader Term(s): Holidays Confederation on Newfoundland.New York (N.Y.)Streets NewfoundlandHistory19th centuryUse: StreetsNew York (N.Y.) Dewey: 971.8New York Knicks (Basketball team) NewfoundlandHistory20th centuryDewey: 796.323 Dewey: 971.8Use For: Knicks (Basketball team) NewfoundlandHistory21st centuryBroader Term(s): Basketball teams Dewey: 971.8New Zealand NewfoundlandPolitics and governmentDewey: 993 Dewey: 971.8Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedStates except for History. Newfoundland. House of AssemblyDewey: 328.718Newbery Award Use For: Newfoundland. LegislativeUse: Newbery Medal Assembly686'