b'NoncitizensCanadaSee Also: subjects with the subdivision Noise creation and application of such names, e.g. Botany[to be added as needed]Nomenclature [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Public healthSound NominationNarrower Term(s):AirplanesNoise Use types of public officials and names of individualpublic officials with the subdivision Nomination, e.g.Noise pollution PresidentsUnited StatesNomination [to beGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically added as needed]Dewey: 363.74See Also: subjects with the subdivision Noise Nomination of presidents[to be added as needed] Use: PresidentsUnited States Broader Term(s): Pollution NominationNarrower Term(s):AirplanesNoise Non-institutional churchesNoisy books Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Sound books Dewey: 289.9Use For: Avant-garde churches; Churches,Nomadic peoples Non-institutional; NoninstitutionalUse: Nomads churchesNomads Broader Term(s): Christian sectsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Non-professional theaterDewey: 305.9 Use: Amateur theaterUse For: Nomadic peoples; Pastoral peoplesBroader Term(s): Primitive societies Non-proliferation of nuclear weaponsUse: Arms controlNomenclatureUse types of scientific and technical disciplines and Non-promotion (School)types of substances, plants, and animals with the Use: Promotion (School)subdivision Nomenclature, for systematically Non-victim crimesderived lists of names or designations that have been Use: Crimes without victimsformally adopted or sanctioned, and for discussionsof the principles involved in the creation and Non-wage paymentsapplication of such names, e.g. BotanyUse: Employee benefitsNomenclature; scientific and technical disciplinesand types of animals, plants, and crops with the Nonalignmentsubdivision Nomenclature(Popular), for lists or Use: Neutralitymaterials about popular, nontechnical names or Nonbook materialsdesignations of substances, species, etc., e.g. Trees Use: Audiovisual materials Nomenclature (Popular); and subjects, classesof persons, sacred works, and religious sects with the Noncitizenssubdivision Terminology, for lists or discussions of Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallywords and expressions found in those works or used Dewey: 323.6in those fields, e.g. BotanyTerminology [to be Use For: Aliens (Foreign population);added as needed] Foreign population; Foreigners;NonnationalsNomenclature (Popular) Broader Term(s): MinoritiesUse types of scientific and technical disciplines and Narrower Term(s):Refugeestypes of animals, plants, and crops with the Unauthorized immigrantssubdivision Nomenclature (Popular), for lists of Related Term(s): Citizenshippopular or nontechnical names or designations of Immigrantssubstances, species, etc., e.g. Trees Immigration and emigrationNomenclature (Popular); and scientific and Naturalizationtechnical disciplines and types of substances, plants,and animals with the subdivision Nomenclature, for NoncitizensCanadasystematically derived lists of names or designations Dewey: 325.71that have been formally adopted or sanctioned, and Scope Note: Use for materials on foreign-bornfor discussions of the principles involved in the person who enter Canada intendingto stay only temporarily, such as689'