b'Northeast AfricaBroader Term(s): Childrens poetry Norse legendsHumorous poetry Dewey: 398.20893Wit and humor Broader Term(s): LegendsNarrower Term(s):Tongue twisters Norse literatureRelated Term(s): Limericks Use: Old Norse literatureNonsupport Scandinavian literatureUse: Desertion and nonsupport Norse mythologyNonverbal communication Dewey: 293Dewey: 153.6; 302.2 Use For: Scandinavian mythologyUse For: Nonlinguistic communication Broader Term(s): MythologyBroader Term(s): Communication NorsemenNarrower Term(s):Body language Use: VikingsHuggingPersonal space North AfricaRelated Term(s): DeafMeans of communication Dewey: 961Scope Note: Use for materials dealingNonvictim crimes collectively with the region ofUse: Crimes without victims Africa that includes Morocco,Nonviolence Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Africa, North; Barbary States;Dewey: 179; 303.6 MaghrebNarrower Term(s):Hunger strikes Broader Term(s): AfricaRelated Term(s): Pacifism North AmericaPassive resistance Dewey: 970Nonviolent noncooperation Broader Term(s): AmericaUse: Passive resistance Narrower Term(s):Central AmericaNorthwest Coast of NorthNonwage payments AmericaUse: Employee benefits Pacific NorthwestNonword stories North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationUse: Stories without words Dewey: 341.7Use For: NATONordic peoples Broader Term(s): International organizationUse: Teutonic peoplesNorth Central StatesNormal schools Use: Middle WestUse: Teachers collegesNorth KoreaNormandy (France), Attack on, 1944 Use: Korea (North)Dewey: 940.54Use For: D Day North PoleBroader Term(s): World War, 1939-1945Dewey: 910.9163; 998Campaigns Broader Term(s): Polar regionsRelated Term(s): Arctic regionsNormansGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically North West CompanyDewey: 941.02 Dewey: 338.3; 971.01Broader Term(s): Great BritainHistoryScope Note: Use for materials on this company1066-1154, Norman period from its beginnings in 1776 up to itsRelated Term(s): Vikings absorption into the Hudsons BayCompany in 1821.Norse languages Broader Term(s): Fur tradeCanadaUse: Old Norse language Related Term(s): Hudsons Bay CompanyScandinavian languagesNortheast AfricaDewey: 960691'