b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: names of individual actors [to be Use For: Finger pressure therapy;added as needed] MyotherapyBroader Term(s): Entertainers Broader Term(s): Alternative medicineNarrower Term(s):ActorsUnited States MassageActresses AcupunctureAfrican American actorsBlack actors Dewey: 615.8Child actors Broader Term(s): Alternative medicineComedians AdagesMale actors Use: ProverbsStunt performersRelated Term(s): Acting Adaptability (Psychology)ActorsCanada Use: Adjustment (Psychology)Dewey: 791.4; 792; 920 Adaptation (Biology)Use For: Canadian actors; Canadian actors Dewey: 578.4; 581.4; 591.4and actresses Use For: AcclimatizationNarrower Term(s):ActressesCanada Broader Term(s): BiologyCanadian actresses EcologyActorsUnited States GeneticsVariation (Biology)Dewey: 791.4; 792; 920 Narrower Term(s):Environmental influence onUse For: American actors; American actors humansand actresses Stress (Physiology)Broader Term(s): ActorsActors and actresses Adaptation (Psychology)Use: Adjustment (Psychology)Use: ActorsActors, Black AdaptationsUse: Film adaptationsUse: Black actors Radio adaptationsActresses Stage adaptationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Television adaptationsDewey: 791.4; 792; 920 ADD (Child behavior disorder)Scope Note: Use for materials on several female Use: Attention deficit disorderactors that emphasize their identityas women. General materials on Addictionpersons of the acting profession, Use types of addiction, e.g. Alcoholism; Drug abuse;whether male or female, are entered Exercise addiction; etc. [to be added as needed]under Actors.Use For: Female actors; Women actors Addiction to alcoholBroader Term(s): Actors Use: AlcoholismActressesCanada Addiction to drugsDewey: 791.4; 792; 920 Use: Drug abuseUse For: Canadian actresses Addiction to exerciseBroader Term(s): ActorsCanada Use: Exercise addictionActual innocence Addiction to gamblingDewey: 345.04 Use: Compulsive gamblingScope Note: Use for materials on persons whohave been convicted of a crime but Addiction to nicotineare later proven innocent. Use: Tobacco habitUse For: Wrongful convictionBroader Term(s): Criminal law Addiction to tobaccoUse: Tobacco habitAcupressureDewey: 615.8 Addiction to workUse: Workaholism8'