b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for materials dealing Scope Note: Use for materials on the Northwestcollectively with the region of Territories since April 1, 1999, or onAfrica that includes Sudan, the entirety of the NorthwestEthiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and Territories before April 1, 1999.Djibouti. Materials on the new territory inUse For: Africa, Northeast Northern Canada created on April 1,Broader Term(s): Africa 1999, though the division of theNortheast Passage Northwest Territories are enteredunde Nunavut. May be subdividedDewey: 998 like Manitoba except for History.Broader Term(s): Arctic regions Related Term(s): NunavutExplorationVoyages and travels Northwest TerritoriesHistoryNorthern Canada Dewey: 971.9Use: Canadian Arctic Scope Note: Use for historical materials on theNorthwest Territories, includingNorthern lights materials on the entirety of theUse: Auroras Northwest Territories before April1, 1999.NorthmenUse: Vikings Northwest TerritoriesHistory0-1870Dewey: 971.9Northwest AfricaDewey: 964 Northwest TerritoriesHistory1870-1905Scope Note: Use for materials dealing Dewey: 971.9collectively with the region of Northwest TerritoriesHistory1905-Africa that includes Morocco, Use: Northwest TerritoriesHistoryWestern Sahara, Mauritania,1905-1999Algeria, Mali, Tunisia, Libya, Niger,and Chad. Northwest TerritoriesHistory1905-1951Use For: Africa, Northwest Dewey: 971.9Broader Term(s): AfricaNorthwest TerritoriesHistory1905-1999Northwest Coast of North America Dewey: 971.9Dewey: 979.5 Use For: Northwest TerritoriesHistory Scope Note: Use for historical materials on the 1905-; Northwest Territories coastal region from Alaska to History20th centuryCalifornia called the NorthwestCoast by early navigators. Northwest TerritoriesHistory1951-Use For: Northwest, Pacific coast; Pacific Use: Northwest TerritoriesHistoryNorthwest coast1951-1999Broader Term(s): North America Northwest TerritoriesHistory1951-1999Related Term(s): Pacific Coast (B.C.) Dewey: 971.9Pacific Coast (U.S.) Use For: Northwest TerritoriesHistory Northwest Passage 1951-Dewey: 971.9 Northwest TerritoriesHistory1999-Broader Term(s): AmericaExploration Dewey: 971.9Arctic regions Use For: Northwest TerritoriesHistory Northwest Rebellion, 1869-1870 21st centuryUse: Red River Rebellion, 1869-1870 Northwest TerritoriesHistory20th centuryNorthwest Rebellion, 1885 Use: Northwest TerritoriesHistoryUse: Riel Rebellion, 18851905-1999Northwest Territories Northwest TerritoriesHistory21st centuryDewey: 917.19; 971.9 Use: Northwest TerritoriesHistory 1999-692'