b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNumber concept See Also: names of individual numbers, e.g.Dewey: 119; 155.4; 372.7 Three (The number); and systemsScope Note: Use for materials on the of numeration, e.g. Decimal systemapperception and conceptualization [to be added as needed]of numbers. Materials on numbers, Narrower Term(s):Binary system (Mathematics)numbering, and systems of Decimal systemnumeration are entered under Three (The number)Numbers. Materials on counting, Related Term(s): Arithmeticincluding counting books, are Countingentered under Counting. Number conceptBroader Term(s): Apperception Number theoryPsychology NumeralsRelated Term(s): Numbers Symbolism of numbersNumber games Numeral formationDewey: 793.74 Use: Writing of numeralsBroader Term(s): ArithmeticStudy and teachingCounting Numeral writingMathematical recreations Use: Writing of numeralsNumber patterns NumeralsUse: Patterns (Mathematics) Dewey: 513Number readiness Scope Note: Use for materials on the graphicUse: Mathematical readiness representation of numbers.See Also: types of numerals, e.g. RomanNumber symbolism numerals [to be added as needed]Use: Numerology Narrower Term(s):Roman numeralsSymbolism of numbers Writing of numeralsRelated Term(s): NumbersNumber systemsUse: Numbers Numerals, Writing ofUse: Writing of numeralsNumber theoryDewey: 512.7 NumerationScope Note: Use for materials on that branch of Use: Numbersmathematics that involves the study Numerical analysisof integers and their relation to one Dewey: 518another. Broader Term(s): Mathematical analysisUse For: Theory of numbers Narrower Term(s):Approximate computationBroader Term(s): AlgebraMathematics Numerical sequencesSet theory Use: Sequences (Mathematics)Narrower Term(s):FactorialsGroup theory NumerologyRelated Term(s): Numbers Dewey: 133.3Scope Note: Use for materials on the occultNumbers significance of numbers. GeneralDewey: 119; 513.5 materials on the symbolism ofScope Note: Use for materials on numbers, numbers, as in philosophy, religion,numbering, and systems of or literature, are entered undernumeration. Materials on the Symbolism of numbers.conceptualization of numbers are Use For: Number symbolism; Sacredentered under Number concept. numbers; Symbolic numbersMaterials on counting, including Broader Term(s): Occultismcounting books, are entered under Symbolism of numbersCounting. Materials on the graphicrepresentation of numbers are Numismaticsentered under Numerals. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Number systems; Numeration Dewey: 737696'