b'NursingScope Note: Use for materials on coins, paper Nurse cliniciansmoney, medals, and tokens Use: Nurse practitionersconsidered as works of art, as Nurse midwiveshistorical specimens, or as aids to Use: Midwivesthe study of history, archeology, etc.Broader Term(s): Ancient history Nurse practitionersArcheology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHistory Dewey: 920Narrower Term(s):Seals (Numismatics) Use For: Nurse cliniciansRelated Term(s): CoinsCollectors and collecting Broader Term(s): Allied health personnelMedals NursesNunavut NursemaidsDewey: 917.19; 971.9 Use: NanniesScope Note: Use for materials on the new Nurseries (Horticulture)territory in Northern Canada created Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyon April 1, 1999, through the Dewey: 631.5; 635division of the Northwest Broader Term(s): Fruit cultureTerritories. Materials on the GardeningNorthwest Territories since April 1, Narrower Term(s):Plant propagation1999, or on the entirety of theNorthwest Territories before April Nurseries, Day1, 1999, are entered under Use: Day care centersNorthwest Territories. May besubdivided like Manitoba except Nursery rhymesfor History. Dewey: 398.8Use For: Nunavut (N.W.T.) Scope Note: Use for collections of nurseryRelated Term(s): Northwest Territories rhymes or for materials aboutnursery rhymes.Nunavut (N.W.T.) Use For: Poetry for children; RhymesUse: Nunavut Broader Term(s): Childrens poetryNunavutHistory Childrens songsDewey: 971.9 FolkloreScope Note: Use for historical materials on that Narrower Term(s):Jump rope rhymesportion of the Northwest Territories Nursery schoolsthat became Nunavut on April 1, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically1999. Dewey: 372.21NunavutHistory1999- Broader Term(s): Elementary educationDewey: 971.9 SchoolsUse For: NunavutHistory21st century Related Term(s): Day care centersKindergartenNunavutHistory21st century Preschool educationUse: NunavutHistory1999- NursesNunavutPolitics and government Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 971.9 Dewey: 920See Also: types of nurses [to be added asNunneries needed]Use: Convents Broader Term(s): Medical personnelNuns Narrower Term(s):MidwivesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Nurse practitionersDewey: 255; 271 Practical nursesUse For: Sisters (Religious) School nursesBroader Term(s): Women Related Term(s): NursingNarrower Term(s):Ex-nuns NursingRelated Term(s): Monasticism and religious orders Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyfor women697'