b'Occupational guidanceDewey: 920 OccultismUse For: Death notices; Necrologies Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySee Also: ethnic groups and classes of persons Dewey: 130with the subdivision Obituaries [to Use For: Hermetic art and philosophy; Occultbe added as needed] sciences; SorceryBroader Term(s): Biography Broader Term(s): ReligionsNarrower Term(s):Dead SupernaturalNarrower Term(s):AlchemyObjets dart AstrologyUse: Art objects CabalaClairvoyanceObligation DemonologyUse: Responsibility DivinationObscene materials MagicUse: Obscenity (Law) New Age movementPornography NumerologyOraclesObscenity (Law) PalmistryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PropheciesDewey: 345 SpiritualismUse For: Obscene materials WitchcraftBroader Term(s): Criminal law Related Term(s): ParapsychologyRelated Term(s): Erotica Occupation, MilitaryPornography Use: Military occupationObservatories, Astronomical Occupational accidentsUse: Astronomical observatories Use: Industrial accidentsObservatories, Meteorological Occupational crimesUse: Meteorological observatories Use: White collar crimesObsession (Psychology) Occupational diseasesUse: Obsessive-compulsive disorder Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyObsessive-compulsive disorder Dewey: 616.9Dewey: 616.85 Use For: Industrial diseases; Occupations Use For: Fixed ideas; Obsession Diseases(Psychology); See Also: occupational groups with theObsessive-compulsive neuroses subdivision Diseases, e.g. MinersBroader Term(s): NeurosesDiseases; types of industries withRelated Term(s): Compulsive behavior the subdivisions Employees Diseases; e.g. Chemical industryObsessive-compulsive neurosesEmployeesDiseases; andUse: Obsessive-compulsive disorder names of occupationaldiseases [toObstetrics be added as needed]Use: Childbirth Broader Term(s): DiseasesNarrower Term(s):Chemical industryEmployeesObstinacyDiseasesUse: Stubbornness Lead poisoningMinersDiseasesOccidental civilization Related Term(s): Hazardous occupationsUse: Western civilization Occupational health and safetyOccult fiction Occupational forecastingUse: Paranormal fiction Use: Employment forecastingOccult sciences Occupational guidanceUse: Occultism Use: Vocational guidance699'