b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsOffset printing OhioBiographyDictionariesDewey: 686.2 Dewey: 920.0771Use For: Lithoprinting OhioBiographyPortraitsBroader Term(s): LithographyPrinting Dewey: 920.0771Offshore oil industry OhioBoundariesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 977.1Dewey: 338.2 Broader Term(s): BoundariesUse For: Oil industry, Offshore OhioCensusBroader Term(s): Petroleum industry Dewey: 317.71Narrower Term(s):Offshore oil well drilling Broader Term(s): CensusOffshore oil industryCanada OhioChurch historyDewey: 338.2 Dewey: 277.71Broader Term(s): Petroleum industryCanada Use For: Church historyOhio; Ohio Offshore oil well drilling Religious historyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): Church historyDewey: 622 Related Term(s): OhioReligionUse For: Deep sea drilling (Petroleum); Oil OhioCivilizationwell drilling, Offshore; Oil well Dewey: 977.1drilling, Submarine; Submarine oil Broader Term(s): Civilizationwell drilling; Underwater drilling(Petroleum) OhioClimateBroader Term(s): Ocean engineering Dewey: 551.69771Offshore oil industry Broader Term(s): ClimateOil well drillingNarrower Term(s):Drilling platforms OhioCommerceDewey: 381Offshore water pollution Broader Term(s): CommerceUse: Marine pollutionOhioConstitutionOgopogo Use: ConstitutionsOhioDewey: 001.944OhioConstitutional historyOhio Use: Constitutional historyOhioDewey: 977.1Scope Note: The subdivisions under Ohio may OhioConstitutional lawbe used under the name of any state Use: Constitutional lawOhioof the United States or province of OhioDescriptionCanada. The subdivisions under Use: OhioDescription and travelUnited States may be furtherconsulted as a guide for formulating OhioDescription and travelother headings as needed. Dewey: 917.71Use For: OhioDescription; Ohio OhioAntiquities TravelDewey: 977.1Broader Term(s): Antiquities OhioDescription and travelGuidebooksUse: OhioGuidebooksOhioBibliographyDewey: 015.771; 016.9771 OhioDescription and travelViewsUse: OhioPictorial worksOhioBio-bibliographyDewey: 012 OhioDirectoriesDewey: 917.710025OhioBiography Scope Note: Use for lists of names and addresses.Dewey: 920.0771 Lists of names without addresses areBroader Term(s): Biography entered under OhioRegisters.Broader Term(s): Directories704'