b'Older peopleCareOld age Old Norwegian languageGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Old Norse languageDewey: 305.26 Old SouthwestBroader Term(s): AgeNarrower Term(s):Aging Dewey: 976Retirement Scope Note: Use for materials on that section ofRelated Term(s): Gerontology the United States that comprised theLongevity southwestern part before theOlder people cessions of land from Mexicofollowing the Mexican War. ItOld age homes included Louisiana, Texas,Use: Older peopleInstitutional care Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky andOld age pensions Missouri.Use For: Southwest, OldGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): United StatesDewey: 331.25; 368.3Use For: AgedPensions; EmployeesOld TestamentPensions Use: Bible. Old TestamentBroader Term(s): Pensions Older menRetirement incomeGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyOld English language Dewey: 305.26Use: English languageOld English Use For: Aged menperiod Broader Term(s): MenOld English literature Older peopleUse: English literatureOld English Older peopleperiod Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyOld Icelandic language Dewey: 155.67; 305.26Use For: Aged; Aging persons; Elderly;Use: Old Norse language Elderly persons; Older persons;Old Norse language Senior citizensDewey: 439 See Also: older people of particular racial orUse For: Icelandic language0-1500; ethnic groups [to be added asNorse languages; Norwegian needed]language0-1350; Old Icelandic Broader Term(s): Agelanguage; Old Norwegian language Narrower Term(s):African American older peopleBroader Term(s): Language and languages Aging parentsScandinavian languages Library services to older peopleOlder menOld Norse literature Older womenDewey: 839 Social work with older peopleUse For: Norse literature Related Term(s): AgingBroader Term(s): Literature GerontologyMedieval literature Old ageNarrower Term(s):Eddas RetireesSagas Older peopleCanadaRelated Term(s): Icelandic literatureScandinavian literature Dewey: 305.260971Old Northwest Older peopleCareDewey: 977 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScope Note: Use for materials on the region Dewey: 362.6between the Ohio and Mississippi Scope Note: Use for general materials on the carerivers and the Great Lakes. of the dependent elderly.Use For: Northwest Territory; Northwest, Old Use For: Elder care; ElderlyCare andBroader Term(s): United States hygieneRelated Term(s): Middle West Narrower Term(s):Older peopleHome careOlder peopleInstitutional care707'