b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsOpinion polls Scope Note: Use for materials on data storageUse: Public opinion polls devices in which audio, video, orOpinion, Public other data are optically encoded.Use: Public opinion Use For: Optical discsBroader Term(s): Computer storage devicesOpium Narrower Term(s):CD-I technologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically CD-ROMsDewey: 615 Compact discsBroader Term(s): Narcotics DVDsRelated Term(s): Morphine Related Term(s): Laser recordingOpiumPhysiological effect OpticsDewey: 615 Dewey: 535; 621.36Broader Term(s): DrugsPhysiological effect Broader Term(s): PhysicsOPP Narrower Term(s):ColorUse: Ontario Provincial Police Fiber opticsPerspectiveOpposites RadiationDewey: 153.2 RefractionUse For: Antonyms; Polarity Space opticsBroader Term(s): Concepts Spectrum analysisRelated Term(s): English languageSynonyms Visionand antonyms Related Term(s): LightOptical instrumentsOptical data processing PhotometryDewey: 006.4; 621.36; 621.39Broader Term(s): Data processing OptometryNarrower Term(s):Laser recording Dewey: 617.7Related Term(s): EyeOptical discsUse: Optical storage devices OraclesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyOptical illusions Dewey: 133.3Dewey: 152.14 Broader Term(s): OccultismUse For: Illusions Related Term(s): DivinationBroader Term(s): Hallucinations and illusions PropheciesPsychophysiologyVision Oral habitsDewey: 152.3Optical instruments Broader Term(s): HabitGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MouthDewey: 681 Narrower Term(s):Thumb suckingUse For: Instruments, OpticalBroader Term(s): Scientific apparatus and Oral historyinstruments Dewey: 907Narrower Term(s):Lenses Scope Note: Use for materials on recording oralMicroscopes recollections of places, events, etc.,Telescopes from persons drawing on their ownRelated Term(s): Optics life experiences. Oral histories thatSpace optics focus on a particular topic or placeare entered under that topic or place.Optical scanners Broader Term(s): HistoryDewey: 006.4; 621.39Broader Term(s): Computer peripherals Oral interpretationUse: RecitationsOptical storage devicesDewey: 004.5; 621.39 Orange (Fruit)Use: Oranges712'