b'Sears List of Subject Headingsammunition, and vehicles, and the Organ donationtask of procuring, testing, storing, Use: Donation of organs, tissues, etc.and issuing such supplies. Organ musicUse For: Cannon Dewey: 786.5See Also: types of military ordnance, e.g. Broader Term(s): Church musicBombs; names of armies with the Instrumental musicsubdivision Ordnance, e.g. United MusicStates. ArmyOrdnance; andnames of wars with the subdivision Organ preservation (Anatomy)Equipment and supplies, e.g. World Use: Preservation of organs, tissues,War, 1939-1945Equipment etc.and supplies [to be added as Organ transplantsneeded] Use: Transplantation of organs, tissues,Broader Term(s): Military art and science etc.Narrower Term(s):AmmunitionBombs Organic agricultureLand mines Use: Organic farmingMilitary weaponsUnited States. ArmyOrganic chemicalsOrdnance Use: Organic compoundsRelated Term(s): Artillery Organic chemistryDefense industry Dewey: 547Guns Use For: Chemistry, OrganicProjectiles Broader Term(s): ChemistryOre deposits Narrower Term(s):Organic compoundsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Organic chemistrySynthesisDewey: 553 Use: Organic compoundsSynthesisSee Also: types of ores, e.g. Iron ores [to beadded as needed] Organic compoundsBroader Term(s): Geology Dewey: 547Related Term(s): Ores Use For: Organic chemicalsOre dressing See Also: types of organic compounds andDewey: 622 individual organic substances [to beUse For: Dressing of ores added as needed]Broader Term(s): Smelting Broader Term(s): ChemicalsOrganic chemistryOregon country Organic compoundsSynthesisUse: Pacific Northwest Dewey: 547Oregon Trail Use For: Chemistry, Synthetic; OrganicDewey: 978 chemistrySynthesis; SyntheticBroader Term(s): Overland journeys to the Pacific chemistryUnited States Narrower Term(s):PolymersRelated Term(s): Synthetic productsOresGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Organic farmingDewey: 553 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySee Also: types of ores, e.g. Iron ores [to be Dewey: 631.5added as needed] Use For: Farming, Organic; OrganicBroader Term(s): Minerals agriculture; OrganicultureNarrower Term(s):Iron ores Broader Term(s): AgricultureMetals Organic foodsRelated Term(s): Metallurgy Use: Natural foodsOre depositsOrgan Organic gardeningUse: Organs (Musical instruments) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically714'