b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: Space, Outer Scope Note: Use for materials on the pioneersBroader Term(s): Astronautics crossing of the American continentAstronomy toward the Pacific by foot,Space sciences horseback, wagon, etc.Narrower Term(s):Space environment Use For: Transcontinental journeysSpace warfare (American continent)Outer spaceColonies Broader Term(s): Frontier and pioneer lifeVoyages and travelsUse: Space colonies Narrower Term(s):Oregon TrailOuter spaceCommunication Related Term(s): West (U.S.)ExplorationUse: Interstellar communication Overland journeys to the Pacific (Canada)Outer spaceExploration Dewey: 971.2Dewey: 629.4 Use For: Transcontinental journeys (Canada)Use For: Exploration of space; Space Narrower Term(s):West (Canada)Explorationexploration (Astronautics); Space Overpopulationresearch Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Exploration Dewey: 304.6; 363.9Interplanetary voyages Use For: Population explosionSpace flight See Also: names of countries, cities, etc. withNarrower Term(s):PlanetsExploration the subdivision Population, e.g.Space probes United StatesPopulation [to beOuter space and civilization added as needed]Use: Astronautics and civilization Broader Term(s): PopulationOutlaws Overseas studyUse: Criminals Use: Foreign studyThieves Oversize booksOutlines, syllabi, etc. Use: Big booksUse subjects with the subdivision Outlines, syllabi, etc., Oversized books for shared readinge.g. English literatureOutlines, syllabi, etc [to Use: Big booksbe added as needed]OvertimeOutput equipment (Computers) Use: Hours of laborUse: Computer peripheralsOveruse injuriesOutput standards Dewey: 616.7Use: Production standards Use For: Repetitive strain injuriesOutsider art Broader Term(s): Wounds and injuriesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):Carpal tunnel syndromeDewey: 704 OverweightUse For: Naive art Use: ObesityBroader Term(s): ArtOutsourcing OwnershipUse: PropertyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 658.723 Oxyacetylene weldingUse For: Contracting for services; Use: WeldingContracting out OxygenBroader Term(s): ContractsDewey: 546; 547; 665.8Over-the-counter drugs Broader Term(s): Chemical elementsUse: Nonprescription drugs GasesOverland journeys to the Pacific Narrower Term(s):OzoneDewey: 978 Oyster fisheriesDewey: 639.2718'