b'PACs (Political action committees)Broader Term(s): Commercial fishing Pacific OceanRelated Term(s): Oysters Dewey: 551.465Broader Term(s): OceanOysters Pacific Ocean IslandsDewey: 594 Use: Islands of the PacificBroader Term(s): ShellfishRelated Term(s): Oyster fisheries Pacific rimOzone Dewey: 990Dewey: 665.8 Scope Note: Use for materials on the peripheryBroader Term(s): Oxygen of the Pacific Ocean, especially as aregion of interdependent economies.Ozone layer Related Term(s): East AsiaDewey: 363.738; 551.51 Islands of the PacificUse For: Ozonosphere; Stratospheric ozone Pacific StatesBroader Term(s): Stratosphere Dewey: 979Ozonosphere Broader Term(s): West (U.S.)Use: Ozone layer Pacifiers (Infant care)Dewey: 649Broader Term(s): Infants suppliesP PacifismPachycephalosaurus Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 567.914 Dewey: 174; 303.6Broader Term(s): Dinosaurs Scope Note: Use for materials on therenunciation of offensive orPacific Coast (B.C.) defensive military actions on moralDewey: 917.11; 971.1 grounds. Materials on socialUse For: West Coast (Canada) movements adovcating peace areRelated Term(s): Northwest Coast of North entered under Peace movements.America Broader Term(s): WarReligious aspectsRelated Term(s): Conscientious objectorsPacific Coast (U.S.) NonviolenceDewey: 917.95; 979.5 PeaceUse For: West Coast (U.S.) Peace movementsRelated Term(s): Northwest Coast of NorthAmerica Pack transportationUse: BackpackingPacific IslandsUse: Islands of the Pacific PackagingDewey: 658.5Pacific Northwest See Also: types of packaging and packagingDewey: 979.5 materials, and subjects with theScope Note: Use for materials on the old Oregon subdivision Packaging, e.g. Foodcountry, comprising the presentPackaging [to be added asstates of Oregon, Washington, and needed]Idaho, parts of Montana and Broader Term(s): AdvertisingWyoming, and the province of Retail tradeBritish Columbia. Narrower Term(s):Aluminum foilUse For: Northwest, Pacific; Oregon country FoodPackagingBroader Term(s): North America Gift wrappingUnited States Related Term(s): ContainersWest (U.S.)Packing industryPacific Northwest coast Use: Meat industryUse: Northwest Coast of NorthAmerica PACs (Political action committees)Use: Political action committees719'