b'PalestinePainting19th century Painting, RomanesqueDewey: 759.05 Use: Romanesque paintingUse For: Modern painting1800-1899 Paintings(19th century); Painting, Modern 19th century Use: PaintingPainting20th century Pair systemDewey: 759.06 Use: Binary system (Mathematics)Use For: Modern painting1900-1999 Pakistan(20th century); Painting, ModernDewey: 954.9120th century Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedSee Also: types of twentieth-century painting, States except for History.e.g. Cubism [to be added as needed]Painting21st century PalacesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 759.07 Dewey: 728.8Use For: Modern painting2000-2099 Broader Term(s): Buildings(21st century); Painting, Modern 21st century Paleo-IndiansPaintingColor reproductions Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 970.004Use: Color prints Use For: PaleoindiansPaintingConservation and restoration Broader Term(s): Native AmericansHistoryDewey: 751.6 Prehistoric peoplesPaintingTechnique PaleobotanyDewey: 751.4 Use: Fossil plantsPainting books PaleoindiansUse: Coloring books Use: Paleo-IndiansPainting, American Paleolithic periodUse: American painting Use: Stone AgePainting, Canadian PaleontologyUse: Canadian painting Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 560Painting, Decorative Use For: PaleozoologyUse: Decoration and ornament Broader Term(s): Historical geologyPainting, Face ZoologyRelated Term(s): FossilsUse: Face paintingPainting, Finger PaleozoologyUse: PaleontologyUse: Finger paintingPainting, Modern17th-18th centuries PalestineDewey: 956.94Use: Painting17th and 18th Scope Note: Use for materials on the region oncenturies the eastern coast of thePainting, Modern19th century Mediterranean Sea that in ancientUse: Painting19th century times was called the Land ofCanaan, later the kingdoms of IsraelPainting, Modern20th century and Judah, and in modern timesUse: Painting20th century comprises the entire state of Israel,Painting, Modern21st century as well asthe various disputedterritories.Use: Painting21st century Use For: Holy Land; Palestinian territoriesPainting, Renaissance Narrower Term(s):West BankUse: Painting15th and 16thcenturies721'