b'Adventure fictionUse For: Black market children; Sale of Adulteryinfants; Selling of infants Dewey: 176; 306.73; 363.4Broader Term(s): Criminal law Use For: Extramarital relationships; MaritalinfidelityAdult adoptees Broader Term(s): Sexual ethicsUse: Adoptees AdultsAdult child abuse victims Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 362.76 Dewey: 305.24Use For: Adult survivors of child abuse; Use For: Grown-ups; GrownupsAdults abused as children; Child Broader Term(s): Ageabuse survivors; Grown-up abused Adults abused as childrenchildren Use: Adult child abuse victimsBroader Term(s): Victims of crimesNarrower Term(s):Adult child sexual abuse victims Adults and childrenRelated Term(s): Child abuse Use: Child-adult relationshipAdult child sexual abuse victims Adults sexually abused as childrenDewey: 362.76 Use: Adult child sexual abuse victimsUse For: Adult survivors of child sexualabuse; Adults sexually abused as Adventchildren Dewey: 263Broader Term(s): Adult child abuse victims Broader Term(s): Church yearRelated Term(s): Child sexual abuse Religious holidaysAdult children of alcoholics Adventure and adventurersDewey: 362.292 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: ACOAs; Alcoholic parents Dewey: 904; 910.4; 920Broader Term(s): Children of alcoholics Narrower Term(s):EscapesRelated Term(s): Alcoholics ExplorationExplorersAdult education Frontier and pioneer lifeGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Heroes and heroinesDewey: 374 SafarisUse For: Education of adults; Lifelong Sea storieseducation Seafaring lifeBroader Term(s): Education ShipwrecksHigher education Related Term(s): Voyages and travelsSecondary educationUniversity extension Adventure and adventurersFictionNarrower Term(s):Agricultural extension work Use: Adventure fictionPrisonersEducation Adventure fictionRelated Term(s): Continuing education Dewey: 808.3; 808.83Evening and continuation schools Scope Note: Use for individual works,Adult fiction collections, or materials aboutUse: Erotic fiction adventure fiction.Use For: Adventure and adventurers Adult films Fiction; Adventure stories; SuspenseUse: Erotic films novels; Swashbucklers; ThrillersAdult survivors of child abuse Broader Term(s): FictionUse: Adult child abuse victims Narrower Term(s):RobinsonadesRomantic suspense novelsAdult survivors of child sexual abuse Science fictionUse: Adult child sexual abuse victims Sea storiesSpy storiesAdulteration of food Western storiesUse: Food adulteration and inspection11'