b'Parent-teacher associationsindustries, and trades with the Parcel postsubdivision Vocational guidance [to Use: Postal servicebe added as needed] PardonBroader Term(s): Occupations Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyProfessions Dewey: 364.6Narrower Term(s):Library technicians Broader Term(s): Administration of criminal justiceParaprofessions and paraprofessionals Executive powerUse: Paraprofessionals Related Term(s): AmnestyClemencyParapsychology ForgivenessGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Parent abuseDewey: 130 Use: Elderly abuseScope Note: Use for materials on investigationsof phenomena that appear to be Parent and childcontrary to physical laws and Use: Parent-child relationshipbeyond the normal senseperceptions. Parent participation in childrens educationUse For: Paranormal phenomena; Psi Use: EducationParent participation(Parapsychology); Psychic Parent-child relationshipphenomena; Psychical research Dewey: 306.874Broader Term(s): Psychology Scope Note: Use for materials on theResearch psychological and social interactionSupernatural between parents and their minorNarrower Term(s):Apparitions children. Materials on the skills,Astral projection attributes, and attitudes needed forExtrasensory perception parenthood are entered underHallucinations and illusions Parenting. Materials on theMental suggestion principlesand techniques of rearingMind and bodyPsychics children are entered under ChildPsychokinesis rearing. Materials restricted to theSubconsciousness legal right of parents to visit theirVisions children in situations of separation,Related Term(s): Ghosts divorce, etc., are entered underOccultism Visitation rights (DomesticSpiritualism relations).Use For: Child and parent; Parent and childParasaurolophus Broader Term(s): Child-adult relationshipDewey: 567.914 ChildrenBroader Term(s): Dinosaurs FamilyParasites ParentsNarrower Term(s):AdoptionDewey: 577.8; 578.6 Child abuseUse For: Animal parasites; Diseases and Child custodypests; Entozoa; Epizoa Child rearingSee Also: types of animals and parts of the Children of divorced parentsbody with the subdivision Parasites Children of working parents[to be added as needed] Conflict of generationsBroader Term(s): Pests Father-child relationshipNarrower Term(s):Bacteria Mother-child relationshipRelated Term(s): Insect pests ParentingSymbiosis StepchildrenParasols Parent-teacher associationsUse: Umbrellas and parasols Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyParatroops Dewey: 371.19Use: Parachute troops725'