b'Parodies, imitations, etc.Parents of gays ParkwaysGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Express highwaysDewey: 306.874 Parliament (Canada)Broader Term(s): ParentsUse: Canada. ParliamentParents and teachers associationsUse: Parent-teacher associations Parliament Buildings (Canada)Use: Parliament Buildings (Ottawa,Parents choice of school Ont.)Use: School choice Parliament Buildings (Ottawa, Ont.)Parents, Absentee Dewey: 725; 917.13Use: Absentee parents Use For: Canada, Parliament buildings;Parents, Biological Parliament Buildings (Canada)Use: Birthparents Parliamentary governmentParents, Unmarried Use: Representative government andrepresentationUse: Unmarried fathersUnmarried mothers Parliamentary investigationsCanadaParis, Treaty of, 1763 Use: Governmental investigations CanadaUse: Treaty of Paris (1763)Parliamentary practiceParish libraries Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Church libraries Dewey: 060.4Parish registers Use For: Rules of orderUse: Registers of births, etc. Broader Term(s): Debates and debatingLegislationParkinsons disease Legislative bodiesDewey: 616.8 Public meetingsUse For: Palsy ParliamentsBroader Term(s): BrainDiseasesUse: Legislative bodiesParks Parliaments, ProvincialGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 363.6; 712 Use names of provincial legislatures, e.g. Manitoba,Broader Term(s): Cities and towns Legislative Assembly [to be added as needed]Landscape architecture Parochial schoolsNarrower Term(s):Amusement parks Use: Church schoolsBotanical gardensDog parks ParodiesNational parks and reserves Dewey: 808.87Zoos Scope Note: Use for collections of parodies.Related Term(s): Playgrounds Materials on the literary form ofParksCanada parody, that is, satirical or humorousDewey: 363.6; 712; 917.1 imitation of a serious piece ofSee Also: names of individual parks [to be literature, are entered under Parody.added as needed] See Also: types of literature, individual literaryNarrower Term(s):National parks and reservesworks entered under title, and namesCanada of prominent authors with theProvincial parks and reserves subdivision Parodies, imitations,etc., e.g. Shakespeare, William,ParksUnited States 1564-1616Parodies, imitations,Dewey: 363.6; 712; 917.3 etc. [to be addedas needed]Narrower Term(s):Fractured fairy talesParks for dogsUse: Dog parks Parodies, imitations, etc.Use types of literature, individual literary works enteredunder title, and names of prominent authors with the727'