b'Sears List of Subject Headingssubdivision Parodies, imitations, etc., e.g. Partial hearingShakespeare, William, 1564-1616Parodies, Use: Hearing impairedimitations, etc. [to be addedas needed] Partially hearingParody Use: Hearing impairedDewey: 808.7 Participative managementScope Note: Use for materials about the literary Dewey: 331.89; 658.3form of parody, that is, satirical or Use For: Consultative management;humorous imitation of a serious Employees representation inpiece of literature. Collections of management; Industrial councils;parodies are entered under Labor participation in management;Parodies. ManagementEmployeeUse For: Comic literature; Travesty participation; Workers participationBroader Term(s): Literature in management; Workshop councilsSatire Broader Term(s): Factory managementWit and humor Industrial relationsNarrower Term(s):Burlesque (Literature) Personnel managementParole Related Term(s): Collective bargainingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Particles (Nuclear physics)Dewey: 364.6 Dewey: 539.7Broader Term(s): Administration of criminal justice Use For: Elementary particles (Physics);Corrections Nuclear particles; NucleonsPunishment See Also: names of particles [to be added asSocial case work needed]Related Term(s): Probation Broader Term(s): Nuclear physicsPart-time employment Narrower Term(s):ElectronsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically NeutronsDewey: 331.25 ProtonsUse For: Alternative work schedules QuarksBroader Term(s): Employment String theoryHours of labor PartiesLabor Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Job sharing Dewey: 793.2Supplementary employment See Also: types of parties [to be added asPart-time parenting needed]Dewey: 306.874; 649 Broader Term(s): EntertainingScope Note: Use for materials on parenting skills Narrower Term(s):Childrens partiesfor separated, divorced, or surrogate Showers (Parties)parents who live apart from their Parties, Politicalchildren and spend less than full Use: Political partiestime with them.Use For: Co-parenting; Joint custody of Partisanschildren; Parenting, Part-time; Use: GuerrillasShared parenting PartitaBroader Term(s): Parenting Use: Suite (Music)Related Term(s): Children of divorced parentsParti crdit social du Canada PartnershipUse: Social Credit Party of Canada Dewey: 338.7Use For: Companies; PartnershipLaw andParti qubcois legislationDewey: 324.2714 Broader Term(s): Business enterprisesUse For: PQ (Political party); Pquistes Narrower Term(s):Joint venturesBroader Term(s): Political partiesCanada PartnershipLaw and legislationQubec (Province)Separatist Use: Partnershipmovements728'