b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPastoral work Patient care recordsUse: Pastoral theology Use: Medical recordsPastors PatientsUse: Clergy Dewey: 362.1Priests See Also: kinds of patients, e.g. CancerPastry patients; and organs or regions ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically the body with the subdivisionsDewey: 641.8 SurgeryPatients, orBroader Term(s): Baking TransplantationPatients [to beCooking added as needed]Related Term(s): Cake Narrower Term(s):Cancer patientsRelated Term(s): SickPastures PatiosGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 643Dewey: 333.74 Use For: Decks (Domestic architecture)Broader Term(s): Agriculture Broader Term(s): Landscape architectureLand usePatchwork Patriot War, 1837-1842Dewey: 746.46 Use: CanadaHistory1837-1838,Broader Term(s): Needlework RebellionPatchwork quilts Patriotic poetryUse: Quilts Dewey: 808.1; 808.81Scope Note: Use for individual works,Patent medicines collections, or materials aboutUse: Nonprescription drugs patriotic poetry.Broader Term(s): PoetryPatents Related Term(s): National songsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 608 Patriotic songsBroader Term(s): Manufactures Use: National songsRelated Term(s): Intellectual property PatriotismInventions Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyTrademarks Dewey: 172Pathological psychology Broader Term(s): CitizenshipUse: Abnormal psychology Human behaviorLoyaltyPathology Related Term(s): NationalismDewey: 616.07Use For: Disease (Pathology) Patristic philosophyBroader Term(s): Medicine Use: Fathers of the churchNarrower Term(s):Birth defects PatristicsDiagnostic imaging Use: Fathers of the churchFeverMedical genetics Patronage of the artsSyndromes Use: Art patronageTherapeuticsRelated Term(s): Diseases Pattern makingPreventive medicine Use: PatternmakingPatience Pattern perceptionDewey: 179 Dewey: 152.14Broader Term(s): Human behavior Use For: Design perception; PatternVirtue recognitionBroader Term(s): PerceptionPatience (Game)Use: Solitaire (Game)730'