b'Personal growthChristiansPersecutions; Jews Scope Note: Use for materials on small, usually Persecutions; etc.; and religious desktop-sized computers that have agroups and classes of persons with self-contained central processingthe subdivision Nazi persecution, unit.e.g. People withdisabilitiesNazi Use For: Desktop computers; Homepersecution [to be added as needed] computers; Microcomputers; PCBroader Term(s): Atrocities computers; PCsNarrower Term(s):ChristiansPersecutions Broader Term(s): ComputersJewsPersecutions Personal conductMassacres Use: Conduct of lifePeople with disabilitiesNazipersecution Personal developmentRelated Term(s): Freedom of religion Use: PersonalityMartyrs Self-improvementReligious refugees SuccessPersecutions Personal filmsUse: Persecution Use: Amateur filmsPersephone (Greek deity) Experimental filmsDewey: 202 Personal financeBroader Term(s): Gods and goddesses Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPerseverance Dewey: 332.024Dewey: 179 Use For: Budgets, Personal; DomesticBroader Term(s): Ethics finance; Family finance; Finance,Personal; Financial planning,Persia PersonalUse: Iran See Also: ethnic groups, classes of persons,and names of individual personsPersian Gulf War, 1991 with the subdivision PersonalDewey: 956.7044 finance, e.g. RetireesPersonalUse For: Gulf War, 1991; Middle East War, finance [to be added as needed]1991; Operation Desert Storm Broader Term(s): FinanceBroader Term(s): United StatesHistory1989- Narrower Term(s):Childrens allowancesPersistence Consumer creditDewey: 158 Estate planningBroader Term(s): Personality Household budgetsInsurancePersistent pain Saving and investmentUse: Chronic pain Tax planningPersonal actions (Law) Personal freedomUse: Litigation Use: FreedomPersonal appearance Personal groomingDewey: 391.6 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Appearance, Personal; Beauty, Dewey: 391.6; 646.7Personal; Physical appearance; Self Use For: Beauty, Personal; Good grooming;image Grooming, PersonalNarrower Term(s):Body piercing Broader Term(s): HygienePersonal grooming Personal appearanceTattooing Narrower Term(s):CosmeticsRelated Term(s): Clothing and dress HairToiletriesPersonal cleanliness Related Term(s): Clothing and dressUse: HygienePersonal growthPersonal computers Use: Self-improvementDewey: 004.16; 621.39737'