b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPersonal health Scope Note: Use for materials on the sense ofUse: Health physical space required forPersonal health services psychological comfort.Use: Medical care Use For: Space, PersonalBroader Term(s): Interpersonal relationsPersonal hygiene Nonverbal communicationUse: Hygiene Space and timePersonal income tax Personal time managementUse: Income tax Use: Time managementPersonal life skills PersonalityUse: Life skills Dewey: 155.2Personal loans Use For: Identity; Personal developmentGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): ConsciousnessDewey: 332.7 PsychologyScope Note: Use for materials on loans to Narrower Term(s):Body imageindividuals for personal rather than Bossinessbusiness uses. CharacterUse For: Consumer loans; Loans, Personal; Eccentrics and eccentricitiesSmall loans Ego (Psychology)Broader Term(s): Consumer credit ForgetfulnessLoans Identity (Psychology)Narrower Term(s):Cooperative banks LazinessSavings and loan associations Perfectionism (Personality trait)PersistencePersonal names SelfGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically SelfishnessDewey: 929.4 StubbornnessUse For: Baby names; Christian names; Typology (Psychology)Family names; First names; Names, Related Term(s): IndividualityPersonal; Surnames PersonsSee Also: personal names of particular Personality disordersnational or ethnic origins regardless Dewey: 616.85of the place where they are found, Broader Term(s): Abnormal psychologye.g. Scottish personal names [to be Narrower Term(s):Multiple personalityadded as needed] NarcissismBroader Term(s): Names Related Term(s): Hallucinations and illusionsNarrower Term(s):Nicknames Mental illnessPseudonymsScottish personal names Personality, MultiplePersonal namesCanada Use: Multiple personalityDewey: 929.40971 Personnel administrationUse For: Canadian names; Canadian personal Use: Personnel managementnamesPersonnel classificationPersonal namesUnited States Use: Job analysisDewey: 929.4Use For: American personal names Personnel managementGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPersonal narratives Dewey: 658.3Use: Autobiographies Use For: Career development; EmploymentBiography management; Human resourcePersonal space management; PersonnelDewey: 153.6; 302.2 administration; Supervision ofemployees738'