b'Pest exterminationSee Also: names of corporate bodies and Intellectualsmilitary services and types of Intersex peopleindustries, services, and LGBT peopleorganizations with the subdivision PsychicsPersonnel management, e.g. Shooters of firearmsHospitalsPersonnel Specialistsmanagement [to be added as Strangersneeded] Related Term(s): IndividualismBroader Term(s): Industrial relations PersonalityManagement PerspectiveNarrower Term(s):Absenteeism (Labor) Dewey: 701Affirmative action programs Use For: Architectural perspectiveApplications for positions Broader Term(s): Descriptive geometryCounseling Geometrical drawingDiversity in the workplace OpticsEmployee assistance programs PaintingEmployee morale Related Term(s): DrawingEmployeesDismissalEmployeesTraining Persuasion (Psychology)Employment agencies Dewey: 153.8HospitalsPersonnel Use For: Psychology, Appliedmanagement Broader Term(s): CommunicationJob analysis ConformityJob satisfaction Related Term(s): PropagandaJob securityLabor turnover Persuasion (Rhetoric)Motion study Use: Public speakingParticipative management RhetoricRecruiting of employees PeruSupervisorsTime study Dewey: 985Related Term(s): Employees Perversion, SexualFactory management Use: Sexual deviationOffice managementPesachPersonnel service in education Use: PassoverUse: Educational counselingPest controlPersons Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 128 Dewey: 363.7; 628.9; 632Scope Note: Use for materials on human beings Use For: Extermination of pests; Pestas individuals. Materials on the extermination; PestsBiologicalhuman species from the point of control; PestsControl; Pests view of biology or anthropology are Exterminationentered under Human beings. See Also: types of pests with the subdivisionUse For: Categories of persons; Classes of Control, e.g. Mosquitoes persons; Groups of persons; People Control [to be added as needed]See Also: classes of persons, e.g. Elderly; Broader Term(s): Agricultural pestsPeople with disabilities; Economic zoologyExplorers; Drug addicts; etc. [to Pestsbe added as needed] Narrower Term(s):MosquitoesControlBroader Term(s): Human beings PesticidesNarrower Term(s):ActivistsCelebrities Pest exterminationCross-dressers Use: Pest controlDissentersExilesFans (Persons)739'