b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPesticide pollution PestsControlUse: PesticidesEnvironmental Use: Pest controlaspects PestsExterminationPesticides Use: Pest controlGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Pet therapyDewey: 632; 668Broader Term(s): Agricultural chemicals Dewey: 615.8Pest control Use For: Animal-facilitated therapy;Poisons and poisoning Companion-animal partnership;Narrower Term(s):Fungicides Pet-facilitated psychotherapyHerbicides Broader Term(s): Animals and people withInsecticides disabilitiesNatural pesticides TherapeuticsPesticidesEnvironmental aspects Pet-facilitated psychotherapyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Pet therapyDewey: 363.7; 632 PetrochemicalsUse For: Environment and pesticides; Dewey: 661Pesticide pollution Use For: Petroleum chemicalsBroader Term(s): Environment Broader Term(s): ChemicalsPollutionNarrower Term(s):Pesticides and wildlife PetroglyphsPesticides and wildlife Use: Rock drawings, paintings, andengravingsDewey: 590Use For: Wildlife and pesticides PetroleumBroader Term(s): PesticidesEnvironmental Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyaspects Dewey: 553.2; 665.5Wildlife conservation Use For: Coal oil; Crude oil; OilPestilences Broader Term(s): Oils and fatsNarrower Term(s):Coal tar productsUse: Epidemics GasolinePests Related Term(s): Petroleum geologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Petroleum industryDewey: 591.6; 632 PetroleumCanadaScope Note: Use for materials on detrimental or Dewey: 553.2; 665.5annoying animals or organisms.Use For: Vermin PetroleumUnited StatesSee Also: types of pests, e.g. Agricultural Dewey: 553.2; 665.5pests; Flies; etc.; and names of PetroleumWell boringcrops, trees, etc., with thesubdivision Diseases and pests, e.g. Use: Oil well drillingFruitDiseases and pests [to be Petroleum as fueladded as needed] Dewey: 338.4; 665.5Broader Term(s): Economic zoology Use For: Fuel oil; Liquid fuel; Oil fuelNarrower Term(s):Agricultural pests Broader Term(s): FuelFlies Narrower Term(s):Oil burnersFruitDiseases and pestsFungi Petroleum chemicalsHousehold pests Use: PetrochemicalsInsect pests Petroleum enginesNonindigenous pests Use: Internal combustion enginesParasitesPest control Petroleum geologyPestsBiological control Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Pest control Dewey: 553.2Use For: Geology, Petroleum740'