b'PhoneticsCausation of view are entered under ReligionChristian philosophyPhilosophy.Comparative philosophy Use For: Religion and philosophyEmpiricism Broader Term(s): PhilosophyEthics ReligionFate and fatalism Related Term(s): ReligionPhilosophyFree will and determinismGnosticism Philosophy of historyGood and evil Use: HistoryPhilosophyHindu philosophy Philosophy of religionHistoryPhilosophy Use: ReligionPhilosophyHumanismIdealism Philosophy, AmericanIdeology Use: American philosophyIndian philosophyIntuition Philosophy, AncientLogic Use: Ancient philosophyMarxism Philosophy, CanadianMaterialism Use: Canadian philosophyMedieval philosophyMetaphysics Philosophy, HinduMind and body Use: Hindu philosophyModern philosophyOntology Philosophy, MedievalPantheism Use: Medieval philosophyPerfection Philosophy, ModernPhilosophy and religion Use: Modern philosophyPolitical philosophyPositivism PhobiasPragmatism Dewey: 616.85Psychology See Also: types of phobias, e.g. AgoraphobiaRationalism [to be added as needed]Realism Broader Term(s): FearReality NeurosesSkepticism Narrower Term(s):AgoraphobiaSoul Social phobiaTao XenophobiaTheismTheory of knowledge PhoeniciansTranscendentalism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyTruth Dewey: 939Related Term(s): Philosophers Broader Term(s): Ancient historyPhilosophyEncyclopedias Phoenix (Mythical bird)Dewey: 103 Dewey: 398.2454Broader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionaries Broader Term(s): Mythical animalsPhilosophyHistoriography Phonetic spellingDewey: 109 Dewey: 411Broader Term(s): Historiography Broader Term(s): Spelling reformPhilosophy and religion PhoneticsDewey: 210 Dewey: 414Scope Note: Use for materials on the reciprocal Use For: Phonics; Phonologyrelationship and influence between See Also: names of languages with thephilosophy and religion. Materials subdivision Pronunciation [to beon the nature, origin, or validity of added as needed]religion from a philosophical point Broader Term(s): Language and languages743'