b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSound PhotoengravingNarrower Term(s):English languageGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPronunciation Dewey: 686.2Related Term(s): ReadingPhonetic method Use For: Halftone processSpeech Broader Term(s): EngravingVoice Related Term(s): Photomechanical processesPhonics PhotographersUse: Phonetics Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyReadingPhonetic method Dewey: 770.92Broader Term(s): ArtistsPhonograph Photographic chemistryDewey: 621.389 Dewey: 771Use For: Gramophone; Record players Scope Note: Use for materials on the chemicalNarrower Term(s):Compact disc players processes employed in photography.Related Term(s): SoundRecording and Broader Term(s): Chemistryreproducing Narrower Term(s):PhotographyProcessingPhonograph records Related Term(s): PhotographyUse: Sound recordings Photographic filmPhonology Use: PhotographyFilmUse: Phonetics Photographic novelsPhosphates Use: FotonovelasDewey: 546; 553.6; 631.8 Photographic reproductionBroader Term(s): Fertilizers Use: PhotocopyingPhosphorescence Photographic slidesDewey: 535 Use: Slides (Photography)Broader Term(s): LuminescenceRadioactivity Photographic suppliesPhoto journalism Use: PhotographyEquipment andUse: Photojournalism suppliesPhoto novels PhotographsUse: Fotonovelas Dewey: 779Scope Note: Use for materials that discussPhotocopying photographs as objects, includingDewey: 686.4 their classification, cataloging,Use For: Photocopying processes; copying, coloring, mounting, etc.Photoduplication; Photographic Use For: Photos; Snapshotsreproduction; Xerography See Also: subjects, classes of persons, namesBroader Term(s): Copying processes of wars, and names of cities, states,Related Term(s): Copy art countries, and named entities, suchas individual parks, structures, etc.,Photocopying machines with the subdivision PictorialUse: Copying machines works, e.g. AnimalsPictorialPhotocopying processes works; United StatesHistoryUse: Photocopying1861-1865, Civil War Pictorial works; etc.; and names ofPhotodocumentation persons or groups of persons withUse: Documentary photography the subdivision Pictorial works, orPortraits [to be added as needed]Photoduplication Broader Term(s): PicturesUse: Photocopying Related Term(s): PhotographyPhotoelectric cells PhotographsConservation and restorationDewey: 537.5; 621.3815 Dewey: 771Use For: Electric eye744'