b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPhotography of animals Photomechanical processesDewey: 778.9 Dewey: 686.2Scope Note: Use for materials on the technique See Also: types of photomechanical processes,of photographing animals. Materials e.g. Photoengraving [to be addedconsisting of photographs and as needed]pictures of animals are entered Broader Term(s): Illustration of booksunder AnimalsPictorial works. PhotographyUse For: Animal photography; AnimalsRelated Term(s): PhotoengravingPhotography PhotometryBroader Term(s): Nature photographyRelated Term(s): Animal painting and illustration Dewey: 535AnimalsPictorial works Use For: Electric lightBroader Term(s): MeasurementPhotography of birds Narrower Term(s):ColorDewey: 778.9 Related Term(s): LightUse For: Bird photography; BirdsOpticsPhotography PhotomicrographyBroader Term(s): Nature photographyDewey: 778.3Photography of fishes Scope Note: Use for materials on theDewey: 778.9 photographing of minute objectsUse For: FishesPhotography through a miscroscope. Materials onBroader Term(s): Nature photography the photographing of objects of anyPhotography of nature size to produce minute images areentered under Microphotography.Use: Nature photography Broader Term(s): PhotographyPhotography of plants Related Term(s): MicroscopesDewey: 778.9 PhotonovelsUse For: PlantsPhotography Use: FotonovelasBroader Term(s): Nature photographyPhotography, Artistic PhotosUse: PhotographsUse: Artistic photographyPhotography, Color PhotosynthesisDewey: 572Use: Color photography Broader Term(s): BotanyPhotography, Combat PhototherapyUse: War photography Dewey: 615.8Photography, Documentary Use For: Electric light; LightTherapeuticUse: Documentary photography useBroader Term(s): Physical therapyPhotography, Stereoscopic TherapeuticsUse: Three-dimensional photography Related Term(s): RadiotherapyPhotography, War Ultraviolet raysUse: War photography Photovoltaic power generationPhotojournalism Dewey: 621.31Use For: Solar cellsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): Solar energyDewey: 070.4; 779 Narrower Term(s):Solar batteriesUse For: Journalistic photography; Newsphotography; Photo journalism PhrenologyBroader Term(s): Commercial photography Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyJournalism Dewey: 139Photography Broader Term(s): BrainNarrower Term(s):War photography HeadRelated Term(s): Documentary photography PsychologyRelated Term(s): Mind and body746'