b'PhysiologyMechanics Scope Note: Use for general materials onMusicAcoustics and physics physiology and for materials onNuclear physics human physiology. Materials on theOptics physiology of other animals or ofPhysical chemistry plants are entered under thePneumatics appropriate heading with theQuantum theory subdivision Physiology.Radiation Use For: Human physiologyRadioactivity See Also: names of organs and regions of theRelativity (Physics) body, types of plants and animals,Solids and classes of persons with theSound subdivision Physiology, e.g. HeartStaticsPhysiology; Reptiles Thermodynamics Physiology; etc.; activities andWeight mental conditions with theWeights and measures subdivision Physiological aspects,Related Term(s): Dynamics e.g. Mental illnessPhysiologicalPhysicsConferences aspects; and drugs, chemicals, andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically environmental phenomena orDewey: 530 conditions with the subdivisionUse For: PhysicsCongresses Physiological effect, e.g. Alcohol Physiological effect; Radiation PhysicsCongresses Physiological effect; etc. [to beUse: PhysicsConferences added as needed]Broader Term(s): BiologyPhysics, Terrestrial MedicineUse: Geophysics SciencePhysiognomy Narrower Term(s):BloodDewey: 138 Body temperatureBroader Term(s): Psychology Cardiovascular systemRelated Term(s): Face CellsPhrenology Comparative physiologyDigestionPhysiological aspects ElectrophysiologyUse types of activities and mental conditions with the Fatiguesubdivision Physiological aspects, e.g. Mental GlandsillnessPhysiological aspects [to be added as Growthneeded] HealthHeartPhysiologyPhysiological chemistry Human locomotionUse: Biochemistry Immune systemPhysiological effect Lymphatic systemUse types of drugs, chemicals, or environmental Mental illnessPhysiologicalphenomena or conditions with the subdivision aspectsPhysiological effect, e.g. AlcoholPhysiological Musculoskeletal systemeffect; RadiationPhysiological effect; etc. [to be Nervous systemadded as needed] NutritionPsychophysiologyPhysiological psychology ReproductionUse: Psychophysiology Reproductive systemReptilesPhysiologyPhysiological stress RespirationUse: Stress (Physiology) Respiratory systemPhysiology Senses and sensationDewey: 571; 612 SkinStress (Physiology)Related Term(s): Anatomy749'