b'Pilots and pilotagePicture frames and framing PortraitsDewey: 684; 749 ViewsUse For: Framing of pictures Related Term(s): PaintingBroader Term(s): Decoration and ornamentHandicraft PiesPicture galleries Dewey: 641.8652Use: Art museums Broader Term(s): BakingCommercial art galleries CookingPicture postcards PigmentsUse: Postcards Dewey: 547; 667; 751.2Narrower Term(s):Dyes and dyeingPicture puzzles Related Term(s): ColorDewey: 793.73 PaintBroader Term(s): Puzzles PigsPicture telephone Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Video telephone Dewey: 599.63; 636.4Use For: Hogs; SwinePicture writing Broader Term(s): Domestic animalsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MammalsDewey: 411Scope Note: Use for materials on the recording Pilates methodof events or the expression of Dewey: 613.7messages by pictures representing Broader Term(s): Exerciseactions or facts. Pilgrims (New England colonists)Use For: Pictographs Dewey: 974.4Broader Term(s): Writing Broader Term(s): PuritansRelated Term(s): Hieroglyphics United StatesHistory Pictures 1600-1775, Colonial periodDewey: 025.17; 740 Pilgrims and pilgrimagesScope Note: Use for general materials on the Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallystudy and use of pictures and for Dewey: 203; 263miscellaneous collections of Broader Term(s): Voyages and travelspictures. Related Term(s): ShrinesUse For: Pictorial works; Picture booksSee Also: subjects, classes of persons, names Pilot chartsof wars, and names of cities, states, Use: Nautical chartscountries, and named entities, suchas individual parks, structures, etc., Pilot guideswith the subdivision Pictorial Dewey: 623.89works, e.g. AnimalsPictorial Use For: Coast pilot guidesworks; United StatesHistory Broader Term(s): Navigation 1861-1865, Civil WarPilotingPictorial works; Chicago (Ill.)Use types of aircraft with the subdivision Piloting, e.g.Pictorial works; Yosemite AirplanesPiloting [to be added as needed]National Park (Calif.)Pictorialworks; etc.; and names of persons Piloting (Astronautics)or groups of persons with the Use: Space vehiclesPilotingsubdivisions Cartoons and Pilotscaricatures; Pictorial works; orPortraits [to be added as needed] Use: Air pilotsBroader Term(s): Art Ship pilotsNarrower Term(s):Cartoons and caricatures Pilots and pilotageEngraving Use: NavigationEtching Ship pilotsPhotographs751'