b'Sears List of Subject Headingsaircraft and for materials on the AeronauticsPilotingscientific or technical aspects of Use: AirplanesPilotingaircraft and their construction and AeronauticsSafety measuresoperation. Materials on companies Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyengaged in commercial aviation are Dewey: 387.7; 629.134entered under Airlines. Broader Term(s): AccidentsPreventionUse For: Air routes; Airways; Aviation Narrower Term(s):Air traffic controlSee Also: aeronautics in particular industriesor fields of endeavor, e.g. AeronauticsStudy and teachingAeronautics in agriculture [to be Dewey: 629.1307added as needed] Use For: Flight trainingBroader Term(s): Engineering Narrower Term(s):AirplanesPilotingLocomotion AeronauticsVoyagesNarrower Term(s):Aeronautical sports Use: AeronauticsFlightsAeronautics and civilizationAeronautics in agriculture Aeronautics and civilizationAerospace engineering Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAir pilots Dewey: 306Airplanes Use For: Civilization and aeronauticsAirports Broader Term(s): AeronauticsAirships CivilizationAstronautics Narrower Term(s):Astronautics and civilizationBalloonsGliders (Aeronautics) Aeronautics in agricultureGliding and soaring Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHelicopters Dewey: 631.3High speed aeronautics Use For: Aerial spraying and dusting;Kites Airplanes in agriculture; CropLasers in aeronautics dusting; Crop sprayingMeteorology in aeronautics Broader Term(s): AeronauticsMilitary aeronautics AgricultureNavigation (Aeronautics) Spraying and dustingParachutes Related Term(s): Agricultural pestsRadio in aeronautics Aeronautics, CommercialRocketry Use: Commercial aeronauticsRockets (Aeronautics)Unidentified flying objects Aeronautics, MilitaryRelated Term(s): Aerodynamics Use: Military aeronauticsFlightAeroplanesAeronauticsAccidents Use: AirplanesUse: Aircraft accidentsAerosol sniffingAeronauticsFlights Use: Solvent abuseGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 387.7; 629.13 AerosolsUse For: AeronauticsVoyages; Flights Dewey: 541; 551.51; 660around the world; Transatlantic Broader Term(s): Air pollutionflights Aerospace engineeringBroader Term(s): Voyages and travels Dewey: 629.1Narrower Term(s):Space flight Broader Term(s): AeronauticsAeronauticsMedical aspects AstronauticsUse: Aviation medicine EngineeringAeronauticsNavigation Aerospace industriesUse: Navigation (Aeronautics) Use: Aerospace industry14'