b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPiltdown forgery International lawDewey: 569.9 Maritime lawUse For: Piltdown man Naval historyBroader Term(s): Forgery Narrower Term(s):PrivateeringFossil hominidsPiltdown man PistolsUse: Piltdown forgery Use: HandgunsPimples (Acne) PityUse: Acne Use: SympathyPing-pong Place namesUse: Table tennis Use: Geographic namesPioneer life Places of retirementUse: Frontier and pioneer life Use: Retirement communitiesPipe fitting Places of workDewey: 696 Use: Work environmentRelated Term(s): Plumbing PlagiarismPipe lines Dewey: 364.16Use: Pipelines Broader Term(s): AuthorshipOffenses against propertyPipe organs PlagueUse: Organs (Musical instruments) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPipelines Dewey: 616.9Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Black death; Bubonic plagueDewey: 388.5; 621.8 Broader Term(s): Communicable diseasesUse For: Pipe lines EpidemicsSee Also: types of pipelines [to be added as Plain chantneeded] Use: Chants (Plain, Gregorian, etc.)Broader Term(s): Hydraulic structuresTransportation Plains of Abraham (Quebec, Quebec), Battle of the,Narrower Term(s):Petroleum pipelines 1759PipelinesCanada Dewey: 971.01Dewey: 338.5; 621.8 Broader Term(s): BattlesCanadaSee Also: types of pipelines, e.g Petroleum CanadaHistory1755-1763,pipelinesCanada; and names of Seven Years Warpipelines, e.g. Mackenzie Valley PlainsongPipeline (N.W.T.) [to be added as Use: Chants (Plain, Gregorian, etc.)needed]Narrower Term(s):Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Plane crashes(N.W.T.) Use: Aircraft accidentsNatural gas pipelinesCanada Plane geometryPetroleum pipelinesCanada Dewey: 516.22Pipes, Tobacco Use For: Geometry, PlaneUse: Tobacco pipes Broader Term(s): GeometryNarrower Term(s):PiPiracyUse: Pirates Plane trigonometryUse: TrigonometryPiratesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PlanetariumsDewey: 364.16; 910.4 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Buccaneers; Corsairs; Piracy Dewey: 520.74Broader Term(s): Criminals Broader Term(s): Astronomy752'