b'Plant conservationPlanetary satellites ManagementUse: Satellites Narrower Term(s):Business planningPlanetoids City planningUse: Asteroids Curriculum planningEconomic policyPlanets Estate planningDewey: 523.4 Regional planningBroader Term(s): Astronomy Social policySolar system Strategic planningNarrower Term(s):Earth Tax planningExtrasolar planets TransportationPlanningJupiter (Planet)Life on other planets Planning for retirementMars (Planet) Use: Retirement planningMercury (Planet) Planning, NationalNeptune (Planet) Use: Social policyPluto (Dwarf planet)Saturn (Planet) PlansUranus (Planet) Use: Geometrical drawingVenus (Planet) Map drawingVulcan (Hypothetical planet) MapsRelated Term(s): Asteroids Mechanical drawingPlanetsExploration Plant anatomyDewey: 523.4 Use: PlantsAnatomySee Also: names of planets with thesubdivision Exploration [to be Plant breedingadded as needed] Dewey: 631.5Broader Term(s): Outer spaceExploration Scope Note: Use for materials on attempts toNarrower Term(s):Mars (Planet)Exploration produce new or improved varietiesof plants through controlledPlanetsSatellites reproduction. Materials on theUse: Satellites continuance or multiplication ofPlaning machines plants by successive production areDewey: 621.9 entered under Plant propagation.Broader Term(s): Machine tools Use For: HybridizationBroader Term(s): AgriculturePlanned communities BreedingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically HorticultureDewey: 307.76 Related Term(s): Plant propagationUse For: Housing estates; New communities; Plant chemistryResidential developments Use: Botanical chemistryBroader Term(s): City planning PlantsAnalysisPlanned parenthood Plant classificationUse: Birth control Use: BotanyClassificationPlanning Plant closingsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Plant shutdownsDewey: 338.9; 658.4See Also: types of planning, e.g. Curriculum Plant conservationplanning; and types of activities, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyfacilities, industries, services, and Dewey: 333.95; 639.9undertakings with the subdivision Use For: Conservation of plants; Plants Planning, e.g. TransportationConservation; Protection of plants;Planning [to be added as needed] Wild flowersConservationBroader Term(s): Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) Broader Term(s): Conservation of natural resourcesExecutive ability Economic botany753'