b'PlantsFolklorePlanting VegetablesUse: Agriculture WeedsGardening Related Term(s): BotanyLandscape gardening GardeningTree planting HerbicidesPlants PlantsAnalysisGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 572Dewey: 580 Use For: Plant chemistry; PlantsChemicalScope Note: Use for nonscientific materials. analysisMaterials on the science of plants Broader Term(s): Botanical chemistryare entered under Botany.Subdivisions used under this PlantsAnatomyheading may be used under the Dewey: 571.3names of orders, classes, or Use For: Anatomy of plants; Botany individual species of plants. Anatomy; BotanyStructure;Use For: Flora; Vegetable kingdom Plant anatomySee Also: types of plants characterized by their Broader Term(s): Anatomyphysical characteristics, Botanyenvironment, or use, e.g. Climbingplants; Desert plants; Forage PlantsCanadaplants; etc.; and names of botanical Dewey: 581.971categories of plants, e.g. Ferns [to Use For: BotanyCanadabe added asneeded] Related Term(s): GardeningCanadaNarrower Term(s):Aromatic plants PlantsChemical analysisBulbs Use: PlantsAnalysisCarnivorous plantsClimbing plants PlantsClassificationCultivated plants Use: BotanyClassificationDesert plants PlantsCollection and preservationDrought-tolerant plantsEdible plants Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFerns Dewey: 580.75Fertilization of plants Use For: Botanical specimensCollectionFlowers and preservation; Collections ofForage plants natural specimens; Herbaria;Forest plants Preservation of botanical specimens;Fossil plants Specimens, Preservation ofFreshwater plants Broader Term(s): Collectors and collectingFruit Narrower Term(s):FlowersDryingFungi PlantsConservationGrasses Use: Plant conservationHerbsHorticulture PlantsDiseasesHouse plants Use: Plant diseasesLeaves PlantsEcologyMarine plantsMosses Use: Plant ecologyMountain plants PlantsFertilizationMushrooms Use: Fertilization of plantsNative plantsPoisonous plants PlantsFolklorePopular plant names Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRare plants Dewey: 398.24Seeds Use For: Plant loreShrubs Broader Term(s): FolkloreTobacco Narrower Term(s):EthnobotanyTrees Language of flowers755'