b'Plot-your-own storiesPlate Television playsTechniqueDewey: 739.2Use For: Gold plate; Silver plate Play-a-sound booksBroader Term(s): Goldwork Use: Sound booksSilverworkNarrower Term(s):Hallmarks PlaybillsSheffield plate Use: Film postersPlate metalwork PlaygroundsDewey: 671.8 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Metalwork Dewey: 796.06Sheet metalwork Use For: Play centers; Public playgrounds;School playgroundsPlate tectonics Broader Term(s): RecreationDewey: 551.1 Sports facilitiesBroader Term(s): EarthCrust Related Term(s): Community centersGeophysics ParksRelated Term(s): Continental driftSubmarine geology PlayhousesUse: TheatersPlatforms, DrillingUse: Drilling platforms Playing cardsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPlay Dewey: 795.4Dewey: 790 Use For: Cards, PlayingBroader Term(s): Recreation Narrower Term(s):TarotNarrower Term(s):Finger play Related Term(s): Card gamesImaginary playmatesSports PlaysRelated Term(s): Amusements Use: DramaCollectionsGames One act playsPlayTherapeutic use Plays for childrenUse: Play therapy Use: Childrens playsPlay centers PlaywrightsUse: Community centers Use: DramatistsPlaygrounds PlaywritingPlay direction (Theater) Use: DramaTechniqueUse: TheaterProduction and Motion picture plays direction TechniqueRadio playsTechniquePlay production Television playsTechniqueUse: Amateur theaterTheaterProduction and Pleasuredirection Dewey: 152.4Broader Term(s): EmotionsPlay reviews Joy and sorrowUse: TheaterReviews Senses and sensationPlay therapy Related Term(s): HappinessDewey: 616.89; 618.9 PainUse For: PlayTherapeutic use Plot summariesBroader Term(s): Therapeutics Use: Stories, plots, etc.Play writing Plot-your-own storiesUse: DramaTechnique Dewey: 808.3Motion picture playsScope Note: Use for individual works,Technique collections, or materials aboutRadio playsTechnique plot-your-own stories.757'