b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: Choose-your-own story plots; Pneumatic transmissionMaking-choices stories; Multiple Use: Compressed airplot stories; Which-way stories PneumaticsBroader Term(s): Childrens literature Dewey: 533; 621.5Fiction Broader Term(s): PhysicsLiterary recreations Narrower Term(s):AerodynamicsPlots (Drama, fiction, etc.) Compressed airUse: Stories, plots, etc. SoundRelated Term(s): GasesPlows PneumoniaDewey: 631.3 Dewey: 616.2Broader Term(s): Agricultural machinery Broader Term(s): LungsDiseasesPlumbing Pocket billiardsDewey: 696 Use: Pool (Game)Broader Term(s): BuildingNarrower Term(s):Sewerage Pocket calculatorsRelated Term(s): House drainage Use: CalculatorsHousehold sanitationPipe fitting Pocket computersUse: Portable computersPlural pregnancyUse: Multiple pregnancy Pocketbooks (Handbags)Use: HandbagsPluralism (Social sciences)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically PodcastingDewey: 305.8 Dewey: 006.7Scope Note: Use for materials on the coexistence Broader Term(s): Multimediaof several distinct ethnic, religious, Video recordingsor cultural groups within one Podiatrysociety. Materials on the presence of Dewey: 617.5two distinct cultures within a single Use For: Chiropodycountry or region are entered under Broader Term(s): MedicineBiculturalism. Materials on policies Narrower Term(s):FootCareor programs that foster the Related Term(s): FootWounds and injuriespreservation of various cultures orcultural identities within a unified Poeticssociety are entered under Dewey: 808.1Multiculturalism. Scope Note: Use for materials on the art andUse For: Ethnic diversity technique of poetry. GeneralBroader Term(s): Culture materials on the appreciation,Narrower Term(s):Biculturalism philosophy, etc., of poetry areRelated Term(s): Ethnic relations entered under Poetry.Ethnicity Use For: PoetryTechniqueMulticulturalism Broader Term(s): PoetryRace relations Narrower Term(s):RhymePluto (Dwarf planet) RhythmDewey: 523.48 VersificationBroader Term(s): Planets PoetryPlywood Dewey: 808.81Dewey: 674 Scope Note: Use for general materials on poetry,Broader Term(s): Wood not for individual works. Materialson the history and criticism ofPMS (Gynecology) poetry from more than one literatureUse: Premenstrual syndrome are entered under Poetry History and criticism. Materials onthe art and technique of poetry are758'