b'Poisonous animalsentered under Poetics. Collections PoetryEditingof poetry are entered under Poetry Dewey: 070.5 Collections; English poetryBroader Term(s): EditingCollections; etc. PoetryHistory and criticismUse For: PoetryPhilosophy Dewey: 809.1See Also: types of poetry, e.g. Haiku; andsubjects, historical events, names of PoetryMemorizingplaces, ethnic groups, classes of Dewey: 153.1persons, and names of individual Broader Term(s): Mnemonicspersons with the subdivision Poetry, PoetryPhilosophyto express the theme or subject Use: Poetrycontent of collections of poetry, e.g.AnimalsPoetry; World War, PoetrySelections1939-1945Poetry; Napoleon I, Use: PoetryCollectionsEmperor of the French, 1769-1821 Poetry; etc. [to be added as PoetryTechniqueneeded] Use: PoeticsBroader Term(s): Literature Poetry and musicNarrower Term(s):American poetry Use: Music and literatureBalladsBlank verse Poetry for childrenChildrens poetry Use: Childrens poetryChinese poetry Nursery rhymesConcrete poetryDidactic poetry Poetry, HistoricalEddas Use: Historical poetryElegiac poetry PoetsEnglish poetry Dewey: 809.1; 920Epistolary poetry Scope Note: Use for materials on the lives ofErotic poetry several poets, not limited to a singleFantasy poetry national literature.Free verse See Also: poets of particular countries, e.g.French poetry American poets [to be added asHaiku needed]Humorous poetry Broader Term(s): AuthorsIndian poetry Narrower Term(s):American poetsIslamic poetry English poetsLove poetry LyricistsNapoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor Minstrelsof the French)Poetry TroubadoursNarrative poetryNature poetry Poets, AmericanPastoral poetry Use: American poetsPatriotic poetryPoetics Poets, CanadianPolitical poetry Use: Canadian poetsProse poetry Poets, French CanadianReligious poetry Use: Canadian poets (French)Science fiction poetrySea poetry Poison ivySongs Dewey: 583Sonnets Broader Term(s): Poisonous plantsWar poetryPoisonous animalsPoetryCollections Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 808.81 Dewey: 591.6Use For: PoetrySelections; Rhymes759'