b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: types of poisonous animals, e.g. PesticidesRattlesnakes [to be added as Poisonous animalsneeded] Poisonous gasesBroader Term(s): Animals Poisonous plantsDangerous animals Related Term(s): ToxicologyEconomic zoology PokerPoisons and poisoningNarrower Term(s):Rattlesnakes Dewey: 795.412Broader Term(s): Card gamesPoisonous gases PolandDewey: 363.17Use For: Asphyxiating gases; Gases, Dewey: 943.8Asphyxiating and poisonous Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedBroader Term(s): Gases States except for History.Poisons and poisoning Polar expeditionsNarrower Term(s):Radon Use: AntarcticaExplorationPoisonous gasesWar use Arctic regionsExplorationUse: Chemical warfare Scientific expeditionsPoisonous plants Polar lightsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: AurorasDewey: 581.6 Polar regionsUse For: Toxic plants Dewey: 998See Also: types of poisonous plants, e.g. Scope Note: Use for materials on both thePoison ivy [to be added as needed] Antarctic and Arctic regions.Broader Term(s): Economic botany Narrower Term(s):AntarcticaPlants Arctic regionsPoisons and poisoning North PoleNarrower Term(s):Poison ivy South PoleRelated Term(s): Plant defensesPoisonous substances PolarityUse: OppositesUse: Poisons and poisoningPoisons and poisoning PoliceGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 363.17; 615.9 Dewey: 363.2Scope Note: Use for materials on poisonous Use For: Police officers; Policemensubstances and their use. Materials Broader Term(s): Administration of criminal justiceon the science that treats of poisons Law enforcementand their antidotes are entered under Narrower Term(s):Animals in police workToxicology. Border patrolsUse For: Poisonous substances; Toxic Detectivessubstances Police brutalitySee Also: types of poisons or poisoning, e.g. Police corruptionLead poisoning; and types of Policewomenpoisonous substances with the Secret servicesubdivision Toxicology, for State policematerials on the influence of Related Term(s): Crimeparticular substances on humans and Criminal investigationanimals, e.g. Insecticides Toxicology [to be added as needed] PoliceCanadaBroader Term(s): Accidents Dewey: 363.20971Hazardous substances Use For: CanadaPoliceHomicide Narrower Term(s):Ontario Provincial PoliceMedical jurisprudence Quebec Police ForceNarrower Term(s):Food poisoning Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceInsecticidesToxicology Related Term(s): Police brutalityCanadaLead poisoning Police corruptionCanada760'