b'AfricaStudy and teachingAerospace industry AffirmationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 158.1Dewey: 338.4 Broader Term(s): Self-help techniquesUse For: Aerospace industries; Aircraft Affirmative action programsproductionBroader Term(s): Industries Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Airplane industry Dewey: 331.13; 658.3Use For: Equal employment opportunity;Aerospace law Equal opportunity in employmentUse: Space law Broader Term(s): Discrimination in employmentAerospace medicine Personnel managementUse: Aviation medicine AfflictionSpace medicine Use: Joy and sorrowAerothermodynamics SufferingDewey: 629.132; 629.4 Affluent peopleUse For: Thermoaerodynamics Use: RichBroader Term(s): Astronautics Affordable housingHigh speed aeronauticsSupersonic aerodynamics Use: HousingThermodynamics AfghanistanAesthetics Dewey: 958.1Dewey: 111; 701; 801 Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedUse For: Beauty; Esthetics; Taste (Aesthetics) States except for History.See Also: styles and movements in the arts, Africae.g. Classicism; Postmodernism; Dewey: 960etc., and aesthetics of particular Narrower Term(s):Central Africacountries, e.g. Japanese aesthetics East Africa[to be added as needed] North AfricaBroader Term(s): Philosophy Northeast AfricaNarrower Term(s):Art appreciation Northwest AfricaAvant-garde (Aesthetics) South AfricaClassicism Southern AfricaColor Sub-Saharan AfricaCriticism West AfricaJapanese aesthetics Related Term(s): AfricansKitschModernism (Aesthetics) AfricaCivilizationPostmodernism Dewey: 306.096Rhythm Use For: African civilizationRomanticism Broader Term(s): CivilizationValuesRelated Term(s): Arts AfricaHistoryDewey: 960Aesthetics, JapaneseUse: Japanese aesthetics AfricaHistory1960-Dewey: 960.3AffectionUse: Friendship AfricaPolitics and governmentLove Dewey: 320.96Narrower Term(s):Pan-AfricanismAffective disordersDewey: 616.85 AfricaStudy and teachingUse For: Mood disorders Dewey: 960.07Broader Term(s): Abnormal psychology Use For: African studiesNarrower Term(s):Depression (Psychology) Broader Term(s): Area studiesManic-depressive illness15'