b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: refugees of particular countries, government; Native Americans geographic regions, or ethnic Politics and government [to begroups, e.g. Vietnamese refugees; added as needed]Arab refugees; etc., and names of Broader Term(s): Social scienceswars with the subdivision Refugees, Narrower Term(s):Advocacy (Political science)e.g. World War, 1939-1945Anarchism and anarchistsRefugees [to be added as needed] AristocracyBroader Term(s): Asylum AuthorityInternational law BureaucracyInternational relations CitizenshipRefugees Civil rightsNarrower Term(s):Defectors Civil serviceExiles CollectivismWorld War, 1939-1945CommunismRefugees Comparative governmentConservatismPolitical refugeesCanada DemocracyDewey: 325 DystopiasScope Note: Use for materials on persons who Equalityhave fled their native country to Executive powerreside in Canada owing to political Federal governmentpersecution or instability. FreedomBroader Term(s): RefugeesCanada GeopoliticsPolitical satire IdeologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically ImperialismDewey: 808.7; 808.87 IndividualismBroader Term(s): Satire Islam and politicsNarrower Term(s):Political cartoons LawLegislationPolitical scandals LiberalismUse: Political corruption Local governmentMarxismPolitical science MonarchyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Municipal governmentDewey: 320 NationalismScope Note: Use for materials on the science of Nationspolitics. Materials on the various Oligarchyaspects of practical politics, such as Political ethicselectioneering, political machines, Political partiesetc., are entered under Politics. Political philosophyMaterials on the political processes Political psychologyof particular regions, countries, Postcolonialismcities, etc., are entered under the Power (Social sciences)place with the subdivision Politics Progressivism (United Statesand government. politics)Use For: Civics; Civil government; Public administrationCommonwealth, The; Government; Public opinionPolitical theory RadicalismSee Also: movements in political philosophy, Representative government ande.g. Marxism; topics with the representationsubdivision Political aspects, e.g. RepublicsEthnic relationsPolitical Resistance to governmentaspects; and names of continents, Revolutionsareas, countries, cities, etc., and Right and left (Political science)native peoples with the subdivision Separation of powersPolitics and government, e.g. Social contractUnited StatesPolitics and Socialism764'