b'Politics and governmentSovereignty Use For: Campaigns, Political;State governments Electioneering; Political campaigns;States rights Politics, Practical; Practical politicsSuffrage See Also: subjects with the subdivisionTaxation Political aspects, e.g. EthnicTheocracy relationsPolitical aspects;Totalitarianism names of continents, areas,Tribal government countries, cities, etc., and nativeUnited StatesPolitics and peoples, with the subdivisiongovernment Politics and government; and ethnicUtopias groups and classes of persons withWorld politics the subdivision Political activity,Related Term(s): Politics e.g. College studentsPoliticalState, The activity [to be added as needed]Political scienceEarly works to 1800 Narrower Term(s):Arab countriesPolitics andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically governmentDewey: 320 AsiaPolitics and governmentBusiness and politicsPolitical sciencePhilosophy Campaign fundsUse: Political philosophy Campaign literatureChicago (Ill.)Politics andPolitical scienceReligious aspects governmentUse: Religion and politics ElectionsPolitical theory Latin AmericaPolitics andUse: Political science governmentLobbyingPolitical violence Native AmericansPolitics andUse: Sabotage governmentTerrorism Political corruptionPolitical ethicsPoliticians Political participationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Political partiesDewey: 920 PrimariesBroader Term(s): Statesmen RegionalismNarrower Term(s):Women politicians Religion and politicsPoliticiansCanada Television and politicsDewey: 324.2092; 920 United StatesPolitics andUse For: CanadaPoliticians; Canadian governmentpoliticians Related Term(s): Political scienceSee Also: names of individual politicians [to PoliticsCorrupt practicesbe added as needed] Use: Political corruptionPoliticiansUnited States PoliticsPsychological aspectsDewey: 324.2092; 920 Use: Political psychologyUse For: American politicians; United States Politicians PoliticsReligious aspectsUse: Religion and politicsPoliticsDewey: 320 Politics and businessScope Note: Use for materials on the various Use: Business and politicsaspects of practical politics, such as Politics and Christianityelectioneering, political machines, Use: Christianity and politicsetc. Materials on the science ofpolitics are entered under Political Politics and governmentscience. Use names of continents, areas, countries, cities, etc.,and native peoples with the subdivision Politics andgovernment, e.g. United StatesPolitics and765'