b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPop-up books Hip-hopUse: Toy and movable books Hip-hop culturePopes Popular cultureVancouver (B.C.)Dewey: 262; 920 Dewey: 971.1Use For: Holy See Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)PopularBroader Term(s): Church history cultureRelated Term(s): PapacyPopesInfallibility Popular governmentDewey: 262 Use: DemocracyUse For: Infallibility of the Pope Popular medicinePopesTemporal power Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 262 Dewey: 616.02Use For: Temporal power of the Pope Scope Note: Use for medical books written forBroader Term(s): Church history the layman.Use For: Medicine, PopularPopesTravel Broader Term(s): MedicineUse: Papal visits Narrower Term(s):Traditional medicineRelated Term(s): Health self-carePopesVoyages and travelsUse: Papal visits Popular memoryUse: Collective memoryPopular artsUse: Popular culture Popular musicGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPopular culture Dewey: 781.63; 782.42164Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for individual works,Dewey: 306.4 collections, or materials aboutScope Note: Use for materials on literature, art, popular music.music, motion pictures, etc., Use For: Pop music; Popular songsproduced for a mass audience. See Also: types of popular music [to be addedGeneral materials on learning and as needed]scholarship, literature, the arts, etc., Broader Term(s): Musicare entered under Intellectual life. SongsUse For: Mass culture; Pop culture; Popular Narrower Term(s):Beatboxingarts Blues musicBroader Term(s): Communication Bossa nova (Music)Culture Country musicIntellectual life Electronica (Music)Recreation Funk (Music)Narrower Term(s):Fads Gospel musicSex in popular culture Klezmer musicViolence in popular culture Rap musicRelated Term(s): Mass media Reggae musicPopular cultureCanada Rhythm and blues musicDewey: 971 Rock musicUse For: CanadaPopular culture Popular musicCanadaBroader Term(s): CanadaCivilization Dewey: 781.64; 782.42164Narrower Term(s):Canadiana Use For: Canadian popular musicPopular cultureChicago (Ill.) Broader Term(s): Canadian musicDewey: 977.3 Canadian songsUse For: Chicago (Ill.)Popular culture Popular musicTextsPopular cultureUnited States Use: Popular song lyricsDewey: 973 Popular musicWriting and publishingUse For: United StatesPopular culture Dewey: 070.5; 781.3Narrower Term(s):Americana Use For: Song writing; Songwriting768'